Email Builder Platform

for brands that have outgrown basic email builders but do not have the budget for enterprise platforms like Knak, Stensul, or Dyspatch.

We help you move the needle for email marketing ROI.

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No-Code, Drag & Drop (Email) Builder

Experience the industry-first drag-and-drop email builder that's as seamless as your favorite design tools.

Design emails and landing pages effortlessly, translating design to code without devs.

Create dynamic content and templating logic with the visual editor, synced with your tool of choice.

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Scale Design and Production

Save time with reusable assets, standardized modules, and components.

Manage your brand effortlessly through our built-in design system, ensuring brand consistency in every campaign.

Landings? Yes.

Done-for-you Email Design System →
Build your own email specific design system

Optimize Emails and Newsletters with Ease

The no-code visual builder allows for quick iteration on campaign assets.

Test fully built, interactive experiences to gain valuable feedback ASAP.

Create new experiences and optimize them in minutes

90% Faster Time-to-market for Email-driven Campaigns

Centralized platform to streamline asset creation for email-driven campaigns.

No-code workflow that reduces time, efforts, and technical staff.

Skip email rendering tests due to the bulletproof email HTML.

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Connect All Tools

Centralized platform for creating emails and digital campaign assets (eg. landing pages). Benefit from seamless integration with your preferred email/marketing tools, ESPs, CRMs, and automation platforms.

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Inclusive Collaboration

Empower everyone to create in new ways.

Chamaileon offers nuanced user roles and permissions, promoting effective collaboration with internal & external stakeholders.

Work together with an inclusive mix from your company and beyond.

Modern Workflow

Chamaileon is where (email) marketing asset production happens between planning and automation.

Our agile workflow supports marketing/CRM teams for efficient scaling and growth.

We can also migrate your existing email templates into Chamaileon, to not lose time with Chamaileon's introduction.

Streamlined email campaign creation

Real Results

Calculate what it costs to create an HTML email and how to turn it into ROI.

Achieve design optimization for higher CTR% and conversions. Leverage our efficient builder for segmented campaigns and no-code hyper-personalization. Easily create multiple versions for different locations and languages.

Real email marketing results from clients
Email marketing ROI calculator

Email Marketing ROI Calculator

Where cost is not fixed, try to measure the time spent on the task then multiply it with the hourly rate.
(hours x hourly rate)

Badges we are proud of

We get tons of positive feedback and we pass ISO 27015 information security audit each year

Testimonials from each role leveraging Chamaileon

Design leads love it

Designers don't have to be involved in the daily email creation process and can focus on other branding work. Chamaileon has a flexible editor tool which impresses even the pickiest clients.

Love this email builder! I am very impressed each time I use the easy-to-use email builder. It's on par (if not better) than the big-ticket platforms.
Designers love Chamaileon because it takes work off their shoulders.
Logan R
Founder, BrandBlast

Marketing teams are crazy about the platform

Marketers and copywriters finally don't have to wait for the designer or the developer. Contributors can create wonderful emails with a few clicks much faster than before. The emails and images appear exactly as planned which leads to higher conversion and better results.

We managed to 2-3x our open and click-through rates and boost our email marketing driven revenues likewise.
Marketers enabled to create stunning emails campaigns on their own.
Emily Dukes
Marketing Manager at SVP Worldwide (Singer, Husqvarna)

Developers are impressed by the code quality

Technical leads are impressed by the high quality of the email code, and the amazing technology behind it. Developers no longer have to spend their precious time creating, maintaining, and updating email code.

Saving cost in developing robust stylized HTML email templates. Using [Chamaileon] saves us thousands of dollars compared to emails coded by an agency.
Tech leads love that quirky email code is no longer their responsibility.
Erik Cooper
Digital Marketing Manager, Arc XP

Weeks spent with email creation. Reduced to hours.

We have met the brightest brand and agency email marketing teams. Suffering from eye-wateringly painful production processes (even if they had the tools). Chamaileon's Agile Email approach helped them write, design and build at the same time and love working on emails.

Great Product and Excellent Service... Can't speak highly enough about this.
Customer profile picture
Gregor Ruthven
Director of Ecommerce, SVP Worldwide (Singer, Husqvarna)

It's time to change your email creation workflow.

Case Studies: Brands that already moved the needle

chamaileon case study non-profit

Non-profit charity:water
improved CTR by 48%

Email design / email production choices that helped in raising more funds.

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chamaileon case study SaaS community

Kununu increased email-driven website traffic by 10+%

Improvements to the email creation process lead to more traffic and brand consistency across all three email channels.

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chamaileon case study healthcare provider

Virta Health introduced inclusive marketing principles with minimal effort

Less time spent working on emails lead to new methods and more inclusive creative processes.

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chamaileon case study ecommerce cashback app

Shopmium turned efficiency into 2x CTR%

A more efficient email creation process with A/B tests turned into optimized conversion rates.

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Recently a client asked for background images to be optimized for Outlook, built into a custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud email. We spent an additional 6 hours adding custom VML. If we had been able to use Chamaileon on the project, we would have sorted this out with the flip of a switch.
Customer Profile Picture
Mark Kuykendall
Director of Data and Automation, Moon Tide Agency

What else Chamaileon offers?

We create your brand's email design system.
So you don't have to.
We connect Chamaileon to your existing marketing stack, even if custom tools.
Integrations make life easier.
We move your existing templates into Chamaileon for free.
You don't need to start from scratch.
We onboard your entire team, giving role based training.
Get everyone on board.

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Skip the boring setup and migration process and start your new email creation workflow at the interesting part, with the creative design and copywriting.

    Discuss your existing email process and learn:
  • How to 10x your email production
  • How to utilize Chamaileon for a faster and better email campaign creation workflow

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