Better Email Design for iContact Clients

Use our drag and drop email builder to create advanced HTML email layouts in a couple of minutes, no coding needed. Sync your finished email to your iContact account in one click!

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Create mobile-responsive email design.

Connect emails to iContact in 3 simple Steps

Seamless integration to your iContact account.Link both accounts and sync your finished emails in a single click.

Email Creation Heaven without hassle
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    Choose and edit a custom email template design or use the HTML email template generator to produce perfect email code from your previous campaigns.
    Fill out the subject line and preview text lines, choose your email list, and sync your beautiful email template with iContact, in one click.
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    Log in to your iContact account, you’ll find your email design waiting for you.

Live the email design experience you’ve been craving

Take our drag and drop email builder for a spin. You’ll understand why we consider it the best HTML email editor out-there.

Perfect HTML Code Quality

That renders on all email clients and devices. Tested & Verified by Litmus and Email on Acid.

Mobile responsive emails

Flexible Email Design

Resize images and blocks. Change fonts and colors to match your branding guidelines.

Create mobile-responsive email design.

Save & Reuse Email Blocks

Create, save and reuse email content blocks in different email templates.

Create, save and reuse email blocks for different campaigns

Scalable Asset Gallery

Save your email digital assets and brand images in folders and share them with the rest of your team.

Keep your email digital assets organized in different folders and sub-folders

Team Permissions & Roles

Invite team members and stakeholders to your workspace and assign to them different roles (admin, editor, viewer).

 Invite your team members and clients to your company workspace

Real Time Collaboration

Edit email designs with other members simultaneously from different locations, and see changes in real-time.

Edit the same email with multiple team members simultaneously and see changes being made in real time

Lock Email Blocks

Create email content blocks and lock them to prevent other members from editing them and messing up the design.

Block lock feature

Explore the full potential of drag and drop email builders

Build email responsive email templates with no coding skills and connect them to your iContact account.

Email Creation Heaven without hassle
  • Save time on email design by saving and reusing email blocks and templates
  • Collaborate with team members in real time, no matter where you are
  • Create complex email designs in a matter of minutes
  • Add background images to any email block
  • Add as many rows as needed
  • Never send broken emails again
Recently a client asked for background images to be optimized for Outlook, built into a custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud email. We spent an additional 6 hours adding custom VML. If we had been able to use Chamaileon on the project, we would have sorted this out with the flip of a switch.
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Mark Kuykendall
Director of Data and Automation, Moon Tide Agency

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