Switch to a smarter email creation workflow

Chamaileon is a reliable tool that helps teams of all sizes better manage their email creation workflows.

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Collaborative email creation was never easier.

The problem...

Most companies spend on average 2 weeks just to produce a single email. They require complex processes and multiple team members...

Our solution!

We've created the tool you will need to create professional emails with your team, 90% faster, get them approved in one place, and connect them to your ESP.

Email Creation should be a zen state

Optimize the email creation workflow without compromising quality.

Email Creation Heaven without hassle
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    Email creation platform
    Import your email HTML to generate a template or build your email from scratch.
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    Team-oriented asset management solution
    Let your employees and clients access email templates without breaking them. Control who can edit what and centralize the review and approval workflow.
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    Real-time collaborative tool
    Build email templates together with your team simultaneously and see changes being made in real-time, just like you would in Google docs!

What makes Chamaileon different?

Centralize control
while decentralizing email creation tasks, i.e. email copywriting, design, and testing.
A scalable solution
Our email creation platform was designed to grow with your business.
Real-time visibility
Invite team members and build emails together, simultaneously.
Highest code quality
We have 7+ years of experience in creating perfect code quality that remains unmatched by any of our competitors.


Create flawless emails together, without coding.

Work together with your team to produce twice as many email campaigns in half the time.
Learn more about the email design builder

Drag and drop pre-coded email content to build mobile-responsive emails in no time.

Drag and drop pre-coded email content to build mobile-responsive emails in no time

Create, save, and reuse email blocks for different campaigns.

Create, save, and reuse email blocks for different campaigns

Edit the same email with multiple team members simultaneously and see changes being made in real-time.

Real-time email creation workflow.


Set up and organize your virtual email workspace

Keep your email digital assets organized in different folders and sub-folders.

Keep your email digital assets organized in different folders and sub-folders

Invite your team members and clients to your company workspace.

Invite your colleauges

Assign different roles to each member (viewer, editor, admin) and limit their access to specific folders.

Organize your team into different roles and assign privileges


Get rid of endless approval email threads and Slack conversations.

Review and approve your email campaigns in one place.

Send a "Review email" request to your managers, colleagues, and clients outside of your company workspace.

Send review request to anyone

Receive change requests through comments made on the email preview. Respond to comments in the same thread.

Comment and get feedback easily

Approve or reject email designs inside the editor.

Approve and reject in the same tool

Roll out on-brand emails faster

Download our guide to know more about email design systems

Email design system guide ebook

Download The Handiest Email Design System Guide

Connect your favorite tools to Chamaileon

We managed to 2-3x our open and click through rates and boost our email marketing driven revenues likewise.
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Emily Dukes
Marketing Manager at SVP Worldwide (Singer, Husqvarna)

But that's not all!

    • Perfect quality code

      No testing needed to ensure that your code quality is impeccable. Our generates produces email HTML as if it was hand-coded by your email dev team.

    • Limited access to folders

      Email folder and sub-folder structure with limited access to specific users when needed.

    • Organized image gallery

      Save your email digital assets and brand images in folders and share them with the rest of your team.

    • Import your HTML

      Import HTML email code and it will be automatically converted into a reusable email template.

    • Merge tag list

      Choose your ESP's merge tags and unsubscribe link from the drop-down list directly inside the editor.

    • Free stock images

      Choose images from Pexels directly in the email editor.

    • Lock email blocks

      Create blocks and lock them to protect them from other users.

    • Preview your email designs

      Visualize your email designs on mobile and desktop through the email editor.

    • Unlimited test emails

      Send an unlimited number of test emails to any email address and email client you want.

Gain back control over your email production process in an agile way.