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Give your team a platform where they can work together on comprehensive email campaigns in a hassle-free workflow from planning to execution - even with a flexible review process.

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10x the efficiency of your email production

Reduce time spent on email production

Ever wonder why creating, coding and fixing email designs takes a lot of time?

Chamaileon brings the ease of drag-n-drop email builders to bulk email designing. It enables your email team to use brand email design systems, built-in review/comment process and much more to support multi-brand, multi-location email campaign creation.

Meet Amy*, CRM manager of a large ride-hailing provider

We've been working with her for over a year already.
Her team was luckier than many email marketing teams that rely on hand-coded emails. They used Stensul for content management but it completely lacked email design capabilities.

Amy and her team were limited to using only pre-defined modules and when any change was necessary, they had to pay extra service fees and had waited for changes to be made by team Stensul. This process resulted in high costs and slowed down their workflow significantly.

Amy needed an agile, efficient, and faster email creation process. They wanted to empower marketers and designers to build emails from scratch without ever needing to rely on any developer resources.

After the internal demo, her team fell in love with the software. They were ready to make the switch but required our help with creating a master template, migrating their 600+ email templates, extra support, and continuous training to adapt the software across the organization.

*We are not allowed to use the company name or her real name due to our NDA

We managed to grow from the initial team of 25 to 40 people and 7x email output in a matter of months.

We expect to hit 75 team members next year, thanks to Chamaileon.
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Marketing Manager

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