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Virta Health

See how Virta saves time on email creation to spend more time with their patients

Camille Ruvalcaba from Virta Health talks about the positive impact of having fewer error possibilities during the email campaign creation process.

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What led you to become an email marketing manager?

I studied business administration while working part-time at an e-commerce startup. I explored various departments and discovered a passion for marketing.

I started assisting with reporting and building emails for the company while still in school. After graduating, I was offered a full-time position and gained valuable experience over a few years.

Then, I joined an email marketing agency, specializing in helping clients with their email marketing challenges. I have about six years of experience with HTML and have developed expertise in email marketing.

As I gained more experience, I expanded into the healthcare sector, driven by a personal desire to be part of something meaningful in any job I do.

Is there anything specific about Virta Health that you would like to highlight?

Our email marketing team has primarily operated internally, limiting our collaboration with others. However, over the years, we have begun to make changes. We are introducing new styling and exploring different approaches.

Additionally, we have weekly calls with the entire team and company, during which we invite a patient to share their experience. These calls serve as an important part of our routine, providing valuable insights and perspectives.

Do you remember how you build emails before you started using Chamaileon?

In Marketo we were primarily responsible for building the modules. We had some modules already built out, but there were frequent changes that required us to occasionally use HTML and dwelve into the code to update things.

Whenever we needed to update elements like padding or create tables, it always turned into a headache because we had to manually edit the code, save it, and then visually verify if the changes were implemented correctly. It was undoubtedly a more tedious process.

How much time did it previously take for you to build out an email, and what is the current timeframe for building one?

I think it would take about 30 minutes to update or swap things out in an email, and if there was different formatting involved, it might take an hour.

Previously, when I had to build a bunch of new emails about two weeks ago, and it took me almost an hour, maybe two, to build each email.

However, now that I'm using Chamaileon, it has significantly speed up the process.

The emails I had to build were already somewhat built out due to the email design system in place, and I was just updating some of the content within them.

It's incredible to me how much less time I spend working on emails [with Chamaileon].
2x email creation time
Camille Ruvalcaba
Email Marketing Manager at Virta Health

Would you recommend Chamaileon to others?

Yeah, 100%. It has been nice to be able to share but that's not the main reason why I would recommend it. For me, the big advantage of using Chamaileon is the consistent formatting it provides compared to the ESPs where I have mostly built emails.

With ESPs, there is more room for error and you often have to build things from scratch, even with drag and drop features. When using Chamaileon, you can leverage its capabilities to keep the formatting consistent across all your emails. You can ensure that font sizes are the same for headers and body text, and paddings can also remain consistent. This has saved us a lot of time.

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