Eliminate inefficiencies from your email creation workflow

It's time to modernize your email production process.

You might have heard that you should switch to a no-code email workflow, create an email design system and be "agile", but nobody told you where to start or how to do it.

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We have an offer that is hard to resist

Our consultants will build an email design system for your brand and help your busy email team painlessly adopt a 10x-faster, agile email production workflow in only 3 weeks.

Most email marketing teams we met in the last 8 years were looking for ways to make their email workflows more efficient.
But the majority were just too busy to make any changes.

We're launching the Chamaileon Scale Plan (software and service) to help busy and overworked email marketing teams replace their broken email creation process and boost their email output by 5-10x in the shortest time possible.

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Meet Amy*, CRM manager of a large ride-hailing provider

We've been working with her for over a year already.
Her team was luckier than many email marketing teams that rely on hand-coded emails. They used Stensul for content management but it completely lacked email design capabilities.

Amy and her team were limited to using only pre-defined modules and when any change was necessary, they had to pay extra service fees and had waited for changes to be made by team Stensul. This process resulted in high costs and slowed down their workflow significantly.

Amy needed an agile, efficient, and faster email creation process. They wanted to empower marketers and designers to build emails from scratch without ever needing to rely on any developer resources.

After the internal demo, her team fell in love with the software. They were ready to make the switch but required our help with creating a master template, migrating their 600+ email templates, extra support, and continuous training to adapt the software across the organization.

*We are not allowed to use the company name or her real name for privacy reasons.

We managed to grow from the initial team of 25 to 40 people and 7x email output in a matter of months.

We expect to hit 75 team members next year, thanks to Chamaileon.
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Marketing Manager

Email coding IS a bottleneck, even if outsourced

Most email teams spend more than two weeks with a single email project.

Many email marketing teams with custom design needs have to get their emails hand-coded - either in-house or by an outsourced agency/freelancer. Manual processes like email coding and rendering tests cause a bottleneck and slow down the email creation process by 2-3 days.

Another typical challenge is the long and tedious review&approval with stakeholders. The endless email threads and Slack messages are not only painful to track but very risky too, since any "final" change can reset the workflow and bounce the email back to the developer or designer.

Chart from Litmus's State of Email Workflow research, 2020

Succesful businesses skip email coding

Does your team belong to the troubled 80% that needs to spend weeks producing an email (template/campaign)?

Not surprisingly, some businesses try to save time and completely skip the coding step. They are the ones who send image-only emails that are usually created from image slices exported from Photoshop. This could work, but image-only emails often lead to awful legibility on smartphones and result in lost revenue and increased unsubscribe rates.

Many of these understaffed and overworked email teams find us when they have already been suffering from inefficiencies for at least 6-12 months and know that they need to change their workflow now or they won't be able to handle the increased volume of emails necessary soon.

Five pillars of modern email creation. Pillar one is no-code.

You already identified the problem, but maybe you are not ready for a change.

But what if… Solutions for different roles
  • ...as a marketing team leader,
    you would know that you get all the necessary help and expert guidance to make the switch from the old, slow, but working workflow to a new, 5-10x faster but untested one?
  • ...as an email designer,
    you would have an email design software that is flexible enough to meet your custom email design needs and can still enable your marketing team members to manage content conveniently?
  • ...as an email marketer,
    you would have the opportunity to tweak any email template to your needs, without needing to rely on designers or developers but still make sure that you won't violate the brand identity?
  • ...as an email developer,
    you wouldn't need to spend most of your time dealing with content updates and repetitive email coding assignments? Instead, you could focus your efforts on creating interactive custom coded emails that will stand out from the crowd.
  • ...as a stakeholder in the email process,
    you wouldn't need to follow endless email or Slack threads to figure out how to review and approve an email for your next campaign?

Switch to Chamaileon

Amy's team made the switch and with Chamaileon they quickly managed to grow from the initial team of 25 to 40 people and 7x their email output in a matter of months (we expect them to hit 75 team members next year).

You might guess just by the numbers that they are an Enterprise customer of ours on custom terms… but you don't need to be.

Scale Plan

With the Chamaileon Scale Plan you can get access to high-quality customer care, a tailor-built email design system, one-to-many online training, and a powerful email creation platform without the Enterprise price tag.

What does the offer include?

  • The most flexible email builder interface in the industry;
  • Sophisticated content management system with configurable branding restrictions;
  • Google Docs like real-time collaboration through the email creation process;
  • The best mobile-responsive email HTML code in the industry paired with Outlook-friendly background images;
  • A centralized email content creation, management, and review process that stakeholders can oversee or even participate in if necessary.

Plus with the Scale Plan you also get access to service that normally only Enterprise customers would have the budget for:

  • A pre-configured email design system for you in Chamaileon
  • Dedicated training for your designers and marketers where they can learn the ins-and-outs of the software (shared as a recording for future reference)
  • Private support channel on Slack and access to office hours on a regular basis

The SCALE Plan includes:

  • One Pre-configured email design system = we build up your email design system in Chamaileon based on your existing email template/brand identity
  • Dedicated Slack channel & access to an optional office hour every month
  • Dedicated training on design system setup and email editor usage (recorded for future reference)
  • 20 users included ($80 / extra user / month)
  • Unlimited email storage and exports
  • 20 integrations

Scale your email production in only 3 weeks

10x the efficiency of email your production

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Frequently asked questions

    • Why should I choose the SCALE Plan instead of the self-service Standard or Premium plans?

      The SCALE Plan is for you if you are a mid-sized & large business that would like to speed up the email workflow as soon as possible, but also know that you need some external help to change the current mindset and processes likewise.

    • Can I get started with the Standard or Premium plan and later switch to SCALE?

      Of course, you are more than welcome to do so & feel free to reach out when you are ready to "Scale".

    • How long does the email design system setup process take?

      It takes typically no more than 5-7 workdays, counted from the day you shared the necessary resources with us. If for some reason it would take longer, we'll let you know in advance.

    • What kind of input do you need from us to be able to set up our design system in Chamaileon?

      Send us the master template of your most important brand, 10 of your most used email templates, and your brand identity guidelines in a separate document.

    • How do I get charged for the first year?

      We'll ask you to prepay the first month/annual fee before we would get started with the email design system setup process. But don't worry if you are not satisfied we'll pay your money back (more info below).

    • Why can't I pay monthly for the Scale Plan?

      We are committed to building lasting relationships and in return, we only ask for some commitment from your side too. We wouldn't be able to offer such a bargain price for our high-quality service and product if we had to take into account the fact that you can disappear from our radar at any time.

    • What if I'm not satisfied with the Chamaileon platform or the service you provide in the Scale Plan?

      We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for Scale Plan customers. If you devote the necessary resources to make a switch to Chamaileon and scale your email creation process with our help but you don't see a positive ROI, we'll refund you the whole amount.