Every Brand has its own way Creating Emails

See how Chamaileon adapts to all your email production needs, no matter if it's big or small.

Case studies from brands that their customers love

chamaileon case study non-profit

How non-profit charity:water improved CTR by 48%

Melanie Helgeson, Product Design Manager speaks about email design / email production choices that helps in raising more funds.

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chamaileon case study SaaS community

Learn how Kununu increased their email-driven website traffic

CRM Manager Fabia Vasquez Calderon speaks about the improvements to their email creation process with Chamaileon

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chamaileon case study healthcare provider

See how Virta Health saves time to spend more time with their patients

Email Marketing Manager Camille Ruvalcaba tells how incredibly less time She spends working on emails with Chamaileon.

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chamaileon case study ecommerce cashback app

Learn how Shopmium turned efficiency into KPI-s like CTR%

CRM Manager Georgina Miles talks about how Shopmium uses a more efficient email creation process to A/B test and turns that into optimized open and click-through rates.

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Use cases: Industries where Chamaileon made an impact

Digital Solutions: SaaS, Internet Platforms, Technology Brands

Onboarding emails that convert, personalized transactional emails that build community

Starting from their very first interaction with your product or service, emails are fundamental in engaging your users.

Chamaileon provides platform, services and help to create emails based on a branded email design system that all teams can use for optimized and consistent brand experience, whether CRM, marketing, or product.

Publishing Companies

Engage with your community and drive real results.

Chamaileon empowers publishers to achieve results through effective email marketing. By creating visually appealing newsletters and creating valuable, personalized content, publishers can increase engagement, strengthen brand reputation, and attract authors and researchers.

With efficient campaign management, the web/digital team drives conversions, nurtures relationships, and contributes to the growth and success of the organization in the competitive publishing industry.

Engage with the community in consistently branded emails

Non-profit Organizations

Raise funds and communicate in consistent style

Give room for creativity with the most flexible visual email builder solution and bring all the team on board creating email campaigns.

Invite less tech-savvy members to work with a no-code, intuitive email creation workflow, that is based on an error-proof email design system.

Enterprise efficiency with an affordable price tag.
Ask for the 25% non-profit discount option.

See how charity:water improved CTR by 48% →

Manufacturing Industry

Show your brand and innovative product(s)

Successful product launches and day-to-day customer communications are fueled by consistent brand look.

Get the most out of email marketing: Achieve brand consistency and improve collaboration across teams. Optimize your operational efficiency and reduce costs with our agile email workflow solution.

Drive results from email marketing

Financial Services

Customers love and trust consistent design and communication.

Achieve result-driven goals, brand consistency and regulatory compliance with Chamaileon's email design system based email creation.

There is no room for human error, rendering issues, and time wasted on changes that can't be made.

Learn how Chamaileon helps with the digital transition in the finance sector, implementing an efficient, centralized, yet creative email creation workflow.

Email marketing in finance shouldn't be boring

eCommerce Brands

10x the number of sent campaigns, double CTR% by optimizing templates

Don't stop at major holiday campaigns - plan and deliver an all-year email sequence workflow.

Chamaileon will help you create unique, on-brand email templates for all your campaigns and handles your laser-focused personalization without coding.


Spice up your regular email workflow

Get everyone on board! You don't have to get everything done by yourself from student and faculty management to sending emails! Tick that off your list because we have your back: a no-code solution that allows you to build professional and on-brand email campaigns, in a matter of minutes.

  • Branded email design system:
    • Colors, fonts, and logo in one place
    • Modular email design building experience
    • Reusable email templates
  • Seamless integration with any CRM or ESP
  • Pricing discount for .edu and other educational organizations

Let anyone create stunning emails.

Made for brands.

Regardless of your company mission, the size of your team, or the language you speak, you can find in Chamaileon a reliable, centralized, no-code email builder, created to solve and adapt to your needs.

Managing a love brand? Design emails that your subscribers love!