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Chamaileon helps build a foundation for high-stakes creative email wizardry: with an efficient email creation workflow you’ll be able to design nice emails, have time to revamp messaging, revisit the target audience, or explore new creatives and ultimately drive higher ROI.
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A flexible drag-n-drop email builder that lets you design nice and effective email templates/campaigns the way you want

Streamline the Email Campaign Workflow,
and Simplify Email Creation
for Maximum Efficiency

Show yourself

Set your path apart with stellar email campaigns and results

With the most flexible drag and drop email builder on the market, you can effortlessly build visually stunning, responsive emails that rival the beauty of hand-coded ones, lets you effortlessly create jaw-dropping emails with professional designs and with those, you'll drive exceptional results.

Chamaileon's flexible email builder lets you design emails your way

Optimize your email templates to perfection, get higher ROI by iterating on email versions and running A/B tests

A built-in modular email design system speeds up email creation time by 5X to 10X. With time saved, you can generate a wide range of emails or dive deeper into your creative process, ensuring your campaigns are finely crafted and tailored to maximize engagement and drive results.

Create mobile-responsive email design.

Work on emails with anyone throughout your company and beyond

You don’t need to be a developer or emailgeek to get things done with emails templates and campaigns.

Intuitive drag-n-drop email building, along with a wide array of pre-made email modules, particles, and brand assets, enables anyone to create professional emails.

With real-time design/content collaboration and a no-code interface, you can collaborate with your team and bring your ideas to life in emails.

Add templating language logic with point-and-click without the need for coding, giving you the freedom to customize and personalize your emails with ease. (Handlebars, Liquid, Mustache, and Mailchimp)

Super-fast email creation workflow.

Modular email builder to excel in email campaign creation

Increase your productivity to show improvements at each email marketing report presentation and demonstrate impact on revenue.

Build an extensive collection of pre-made email modules, particles, and brand assets, aka an email design system that empower you to create impressive emails without requiring development skills.

Unleash your potential and confidently present impactful email marketing reports every quarter with the help of Chamaileon.

Building emails from pre-made email design system modules gets everyone on board.

Recently a client asked for background images to be optimized for Outlook, built into a custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud email. We spent an additional 6 hours adding custom VML. If we had been able to use Chamaileon on the project, we would have sorted this out with the flip of a switch.
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Mark Kuykendall
Director of Data and Automation, Moon Tide Agency

Not just an email builder but an

Email Creation Platform

Chamaileon streamlines the email creation workflow to increase your productivity on email campaigns.

Email Creation Heaven without hassle

Design nice emails without the need of any development phase and make your brand more memorable then ever.

Experience 24/7 chat support run by humans, offering expert advice that goes beyond technical issues.

  • Review & Commenting
    With the built-in review and commenting feature, you can collaborate seamlessly with your team, saving time and eliminating the need for back-and-forth email exchanges.
  • No-code email building
    Experience a streamlined email creation interface that simplifies the entire process, enabling you to work efficiently and focus on crafting engaging campaigns.
  • Bulletproof email HTML
    The exceptional email code quality ensures reliable rendering, reducing the need for email rendering tests and email client-related glitches.
  • On-brand email design system
    Flexible and editable library of templates, modules, components and brand assets like colors, logos, icons to create emails by re-using them.
  • Embedded image editor
    No need to leave the platform for image manipulation. The well-organized image library for your uploads and built-in access Pexels© photo library with an image editor there for you.
  • Personalized, dynamic email content
    To design personalized, dynamic email content, you can add each variation and any logic in one place to your email, without coding. Advanced Loop and Dynamic elements available for Handlebars, Liquid, Mustache, and Mailchimp templating languages.
  • Gmail annotations without code
    You can add Gmail promotions tab annotations to your emails without touching a single line of code, to dominate the promotions tab with your brand.
  • Switch-controlled accessibility features
    Accessibility settings for email code is a hard-to-develop feat but with Chamaileon, those can be added/removed with a flip of a switch literally, as well as language attributes and other nasty email-code things.

Chamaileon takes center stage in your email campaign production

Let us build the creative foundations for your next-level email marketing powerhouse.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of manual email coding and keeping up with design trends.

Our comprehensive email creation platform + service bundle takes the weight off your shoulders, providing a modern email creation solution coupled with expert support, freeing you to focus on crafting creative emails that drive results.

Seamless Integration for Effortless Email Campaign Management

Put together a workflow that minimizes copy-paste and humen err; or

Chamaileon seamlessly integrates with your existing email sending systems, allowing for effortless email campaign management and enhanced efficiency across your marketing stack

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10x the efficiency of your email production

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Roland Pokornyik
CEO & Co-founder @ Chamaileon