Maximize Email Efficiency for Pardot

Generate More Leads with the Email Builder Pardot Customers Deserve

Personalized, optimized, and refined emails that are impossible to create with Pardot's bulky builders.

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Email Campaigns Beyond the Limitations of Pardot's Standard and Lightning Email Builders

Marketers using Pardot can achieve higher CTR by creating more engaging and visually appealing emails with on-brand messaging and quality content. Chamaileon is here to help meet this challenge.

Engage Your Audience with Emails Tailored to each Individual

Use Chamaileon to Turn Salesforce Data into Dynamic Email Campaigns

With Chamaileon, you can easily incorporate personalization data and dynamic content rules into your email template designs without compromising your brand identity or needing coding skills.

By personalizing your emails, you can increase engagement and see higher conversion rates compared to generic marketing emails. Fortunately, you can use the data you already have in Salesforce to add a personal touch to your Pardot email campaigns.

dynamic emails for pardot

A/B Test your Emails like a Pro

Iterate, Create Email Design Variations, Test Versions with Confidence, without Coding

Creating a compelling email can be challenging. With Chamaileon, creating variations of an email campaign is a flick of a button, and you can change small or major things with confidence: email code/design will never break.

Determining the copy and call-to-action that will resonate with your audience becomes easy. Instead of guessing, you can use extensive A/B testing to determine the most effective approach for your Pardot emails.

A/B test pardot emails

Run through the Campaign Checklist in a Minute

Chamaileon built for efficient email campaign production - now available for Pardot

You can quickly check whether everything is OK with your email within Chamaileon and synchronize the final campaign design to Pardot. Sync is active until you send the campaign out, so changes happening immediately - no more importing final_final(3).

workflow for pardot emails

Supercharge Email Performance

Make use of Pardot Tracker Domains and add UTM Parameters to your campaigns with a click

Optimize your email tracking with Pardot Tracker Domains and automatically added UTM parameters. Gain comprehensive insights and enhance your email marketing strategies with the help of Chamaileon.

perfomance boost for pardot emails

Stay On-Brand with Email Campaigns sent from Pardot

Build and Maintain an Email Design System without coding

Creating a landing page or email campaign with Pardot's built-in builders sometimes has its flaws. Most often you need to give up on some brand guidelines or creative ideas.

For emails, Chamaileon ensures you stay on brand with a solid email design system and bulletproof email code that does not let you down without ever touching email code (again).

on-brand pardot emails

Forget PSD-to-HTML Services or Waiting for a “specialist”

You don't have to be an email developer to create professional email templates

Chamaileon enables you to translate any design into an email template without coding. It's all drag-n-drop and easy as hell, while packs enough flexibility to avoid compromising on your brand identity.

nice pardot emails

Cost-effective Emails for Pardot

Calculate ROI by replacing eclectic email design/template/coding costs with the fixed price of Chamaileon

Chamaileon is an email campaign production tool that streamlines your workflow and empowers you to create compelling email campaigns with ease.

We understand that cost is a major concern for businesses, which is why we offer a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for email development.

cost-effective pardot emails

Trailblazers in Email Design Tech

Pioneering algorithmic email code generation since 2013

If you're unfamiliar with Chamaileon, you'll be pleased to know that we're a brand of, one of the pioneers of visual email builders. We've been in the business since 2013 and have earned the trust of thousands of brands and businesses around the world. We maintain the Chamaileon SDK, which is the only module-based embedded email builder plugin and Email Hero, the choice of newsletter management for enterprise publishers. (ever read a USAToday newsletter? That's made with us <3)

Drag and Drop email template builder
We have managed to increase website traffic from our Follower Email with a double-digit % improvement based on the new [Chamaileon] template and design while improving our overall Click Rates for our biweekly Newsletter by 2-3% roughly.
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Fabia Vasquez Calderon
CRM manager, Kununu

No more broken emails – Top quality email HTML guaranteed.

Nice emails under the 100kb Gmail clip limit

It’s easy to break any email HTML if you have to modify the code manually. With Chamaileon’s drag-and-drop interface you can add any Pardot specific code tags to your emails without coding and we’ll automatically make sure that the final HTML renders well in all email clients that matter.

low email code size attributes

Design emails with your team, simultaneously, anywhere.

Chamaileon offers sophisticated access control, user roles, asset management (email content blocks, images), simultaneous editing (like in google docs), and workflow support for teams of any size.

Drag and Drop email template builder

Modernize your Pardot email campaign creation with a tool many trusted

10x the efficiency of your email production

With our enterprise-grade email creation workflow, you can easily create and manage email campaigns based on your branded email design system - all without the enterprise-grade price tag.

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