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Check how Shopmium Improved their Email Marketing Numbers

Georgina Miles, CRM manager talks about how user-friendly and time-saving Chamaileon is for email creation and newsletter collaboration.

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How did you become a CRM manager?

I started out on the agency side because I didn't really know where I wanted to work in the marketing world. I did that for a couple of years to just understand how different types of marketing will blend, and then I moved to Shopmium about two years ago.

I started as a broader marketing exec, across CRM, social media, and the UK. Almost a year ago our marketing director wanted us to specialize in the different markets and in the team in general. I became the CRM manager for the UK.

Could you introduce Shopmium?

Shopmium is the number one cashback app for grocery shopping in France and we've been there for 15 years then about 10 years ago, we expanded to the UK.

We provide everyday shoppers with cash back on their grocery items when they grocery shopping. A convenient app that makes it a lot easier to see how much you could save on your grocery bill versus physical coupons.

Can you remember how did you create emails before using Chamaileon?

How long did it take to create emails back then compared to now?

We would create them directly in Braze using the ESP platform because that's where we send all our emails. However, it was very time-consuming and if there were small things that needed editing, I had to Google HTML coding to understand how to make minor tweaks to emails, which was again a time-consuming process.

In the past, it would take a couple of hours to have an email ready to be sent out. It had to go through multiple iterations by my manager and marketing director too.

As a result, we ended up using similar emails and duplicating them because it took less time than creating new emails from scratch.

Today, Chamaileon makes it a lot easier to drag and drop things. It's also easier to share the preview link with someone else and have them make small edits.

In contrast, in Braze, it can be a bit more complicated to have someone test out an email or make edits because you can't see the edit history, what changes have been made, and what's been changed well and what hasn't.

Chamaileon platform makes it easy to drag and drop elements and collaborate with others.
improved CTR with a better email workflow
Georgina Miles
CRM manager at Shopmium

Have you experienced any improvement since switching to the new email design system?

Yes, our click-through rate has improved. It used to be around 3%, but now it's closer to 6-8%.

Another improvement we've experienced is the ease of A/B testing campaigns in the Chamaileon platform. Making minor tweaks is much simpler, and we can remember what changes were made during the A/B test and make iterative improvements. This has also contributed to the increase in open and click-through rates.

Our open rate increased significantly, it was around 38% but now, it is around 50% thanks to A/B testing and optimization.

Do you use personalization loops and if else statements in your emails?

Yes, we do!

We use a lot of personalization in our emails, I think that's one of the things that's helped increase our open rates and click-through rates.

In addition, we have a loyalty program in our app, and we often use it in our emails to incentivize people to either remain loyal to the brand or achieve higher loyalty.

Shopmium email example

Would you recommend Chamaileon to others and if yes, primarily why?

Yeah, I would. I think it's a very useful tool that makes email creation really easy and efficient especially when collaborating with your team members.

It's simple to export emails into Braze or other platforms by copying the HTML code.

So, yeah, I think Chamaileon is a really easy and user-friendly platform to use to create emails.

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