10+ Best Webinar Invitation Email Examples You've Ever Seen

Until late in the 20th century, the primary resource for discovering new information was the local public library, which was a place for classes and seminars as much as a repository of books.

However now, in the 21st century, we rely on the internet for the latest up-to-date information, and instead of public talks, we attend online webinars, an activity that many people enjoy.

Webinars are not only an excellent way to learn new things, but also require you to consider the subject from someone else’s perspective and follow their line of logic.

Especially with the unpredicted pandemic, most events have been replaced with webinars and virtual conferences. Use different online event ideas to keep your team fun and engaged during the pandemic.

Webinar hosts send out invitations every day, but not all of them are successful at reaching guests and assuring their attendance. Whether or not an invitee will attend a webinar is largely based on the invitation email they receive.

Different approaches and techniques for webinar invitations resonate with different people, but there are some universal features you should always consider when constructing your invite.

Webinar Invitations Features

How does an individual decide whether the webinar is worth attending or not?

It is primarily related to the approach of the webinar invite. Webinar invite emails are all about making it simple for individuals to confirm attendance and see what’s in it for them. Collaborating with a professional branding agency can also enhance the visual appeal of your email design.

Below we will describe the key features your webinar invite should have. But don’t forget to create an appealing email design that will render perfectly on all email clients. Using a responsive email template builder and making sure your email looks great on all devices will increase your click-through rates.

The key features your webinar invite should have the classic Ws and H (Who, What, When, Why, How):

  • The subject line of the email is the first step to attract the invitee to the webinar
  • A title for the webinar, including the date and time
  • Introduction to you, your company, or the professional speaker
  • Knowledge about the problem
  • How the problem will be solved
  • What they will learn by attending the webinar
  • How to register for the webinar

Webinar Invitation Subject Lines

The first step is using the subject line of your invitation email to convince your audience that your webinar will be worth their time. Getting the attention to achieve email opens is a hard feat nowadays, but with a little help, everyone should be able to write a good subject line. For a faster start let me give you some examples:

Webinar Invitation Subject Line Examples

  • Don’t miss out on this month’s webinar
  • Your Instagram feed will be full of this in X days
  • This webinar will have your LinkedIn circles talking
  • Join all major influencers of [topic]
  • Meet the speakers of [some really desired subject]
  • Almost out of free places
  • Almost sold out
  • Last chance:
  • Grab your VIP ticket and watch the official
  • First out: [speakers’ names]
  • Have a 1-on-1 with [speaker]
  • Find out all of [speaker]’s secrets!
  • Did [performer] just put [performer B] to rest?
  • They smashed it last time, want to be part of something great?

The Webinar Email Sequence

Only sending a webinar invitation is not enough. Your desired attendees need friendly nurturing.

You may need to send them additional emails, and of course, you can automate them.

While a nice confirmation and a last reminder are must-haves in your webinar’s email sequence, you can come up with more messages too. I suggest sending a warm reminder the night before or on the morning of the webinar to ensure your attendee remembers when the webinar is and what the topic is.

You can promote your webinar more by using Google or Facebook ads to reach a larger audience. Keep your audience engaged by sending an interactive newsletter after the webinar.

Webinar Confirmation Email

As soon as the attendee signs up for the webinar, you should send a webinar confirmation email letting them know that a seat has been reserved.


You could also add the options to “refer to a friend” and “submit your question”, which could lead to more participants attending the webinar.

It’s nice to attach a calendar link or calendar file to the confirmation email, along with other technical pieces of information.

Don’t let your audience start thinking about those little things just before the webinar starts; make everything clear and simple for them:

  • What kind of software is needed for attending the webinar?
  • How can they download and set it up?
  • A note about the way of conversation, questions, and length of the webinar
  • The webinar topic and hostname

Remind people to check their video and audio capabilities before the webinar if they want to be able to speak during the conversation, or if they want to be featured in a video chat.

In my experience, event organizers usually allow only text chat questions, and the presenters answer them at the end of the session.

Let your attendees know how it will work in your confirmation email.

Webinar (or Event) Reminder Emails

Remind your attendees that your webinar will take place as you promised. This is a simple step that assures attendees will make it to your virtual event and can even generate some additional buzz.

Your reminder email should be short and sweet, providing only important information (time, platform, and topic).

You can see ChimpEssentials’ webinar reminder below. They sent it an hour before the webinar. Another smooth, yet powerful move to make sure your invited attendees will show up. reminder-live-webinar-starts-soon

The Best Webinar Invitation Email Examples

Before starting any marketing campaign for a webinar invitation, you first have to compose a good webinar marketing strategy, including how many people you want to attend your webinar and what your target audience is. Make sure you use a professional email designer that will help you create a dazzling webinar email within minutes. Following are a few of the best webinar invitation emails from my inbox:

Bizzabo: Three choices – one action

The webinar invites from Bizzabo has 3 CTA’s. The primary CTA is the button within the header of the email, the next is a link in the body text, and the final one the button at the end of the email. Although using multiple CTA’s can look unnecessary, since they all take the reader to the same landing page, this repetition can help the user focus more on the aim of the email while creating an additional option for the webinar registration. bizzabo-webinar-invitation-email-CTA-examples

Typecast Webinar – Brand colored masterpiece

This webinar invitation email maintains consistency in the color pattern and utilizes lowercase fonts. This selection was made to mirror the small form of the company’s real name. Readers are used to seeing capitalization in the first word of a sentence, so this change of using lowercase letters can be an eye-catching strategy to grab the attention of readers. typecast-webinar-invitation-email-example

Sumo Webinar – Masters of the catchy headline

When you talk about attending a webinar, the most significant cost which comes in mind is not money but rather time. It’s important to clearly describe exactly what the attendee will gain if they attend your webinar. An example of a webinar invite with a clear benefit would be something like “after attending, the strategies learned could help by increasing eCommerce revenue by 50%”. As soon as the reader gets the information about their benefit, the chances are higher that they respond quickly and participate in your webinar. sumo-webinar-invitaion-with-great-headline-example

Facebook Developer Conference – The shortest invitation

Facebook composed a simple, yet effective webinar invitation email by focusing on clarity. A total word count of 47 words in the complete invitation email, the purpose and message of the entire webinar was delivered without any irrelevant information. This webinar invitation is an example of simplicity and subtlety, and all the necessary information was mentioned with a unique font and color combination which made it eye-catching and encouraged the readers to join the event. f8-short-invitation-to-webinar-stream

Inbound – Humor & Urgency

HubSpot’s Inbound webinar invitation email contains a humorous GIF about registering for the webinar before the deadline. Rather than creating urgency through simple, boring text, the GIF created humor and fun for the readers. The GIF of a BBC interview with Robert Kelly created a buzz without distracting from the original message of the webinar email. In this entertaining way, the reader was informed, and it became one of the best examples of webinar invitation. You can read more about GIF’s and other animations and the possibility of embedding videos in an email in this article.

Litmus Webinar – Simple, yet efficient design

The company’s name in the header, plain yet light background with bold fonts, bright banner, and simple design, all these things made the litmus webinar invitation endearing with simplicity. Details of the webinar along with the pictures and schedule of the webinar were explicitly mentioned in this webinar invitation email. how-litmus-does-webinar-invitation

The webinar invitation email sent by Unbounce stands out because of its distinctive brand logo. This catchy logo was a memorable one because of its unique design. It showed the importance of the brand itself. This workshop was hosted for a week by Unbounce and covered various topics. Moreover, the logo of the brand confirmed that the workshop would be presented simply and decently and created a long-lasting impact on readers’ minds. nicely-strucutred-wenbinar-intivation-email

Livefront Augmented Reality Demo: Less but more

Making the invitation simple doesn’t mean that it should lack the necessary information. The call to the webinar should contain all the general information which attracts the reader to participate. The bubble theme used in this webinar invitation email makes it complete and remarkable. Hiding a bit of information encourages the user to click the CTA button to explore more about the webinar. inspirational-story-like-webinar-invitation

WistiaFest: Story Teller

It is not necessary that the webinar details always be presented textually. Conveying the message through a story is worthy enough to achieve the goal. Telling a story that delivers the relevant information about the purpose of the webinar is a clever way to attract the ready and leave a memorable impact. Videography is also an entertaining way to grasp the attention of readers by moving to the landing page. vistia-story-teller-webinar-invitation-email-with-video

GDPR Webinar – Information over artistic design

The webinar invitation email by Leanplum is not colorful or attractive, although the design and the structure of the invitation were right on target. Sometimes exceptional design presents a more serious way of delivering the message. Some details about the webinar, necessary information and beautiful design make this webinar invitation a complete package — the well-used high contrast CTA buttons are exceptional. It should to be taught in school. gdpr-ready-webinar-invitation-email

ClickMeeting Default Template

They are one of the biggest webinar platforms. They have only two invitation email templates — that could be a problem in the long run. One of their templates is focused and straight to the point. You can get inspired by how much useful information can be stuffed in just a few rows. If you want more people to show at your event, I suggest using a more artistic, better-designed approach. Don’t forget: people love to interact with beautiful things. clickmeeting-built-in-webinar-invitation-email

Wrapping Up

In short, a good webinar invitation is necessary to make your webinar successful because it’s the first step towards attracting readers and convincing them to participate in the event. The packing shows what’s inside the box — unique header, webinar or company logo, business email with domain, plenty of details, webinar content, description, schedule of a webinar, color scheme, and design. It’s as simple as that, and you are ready to send out your webinar invitation emails! If you are ready to design your webinar invite, you can use this professional email template builder to create your email within minutes by collaborating with your team.