Kick Off Your Super Bowl Email Marketing Campaign

In the US, it doesn’t matter if you are a football fan or not, everyone gets excited about the super bowl. And we can understand why: good food, beer, and amazing entertainment: the winning combination that can get anyone on board.

In this blog post, we will give you everything you need to ace your super bowl email marketing campaign, from email subject lines to email templates and email campaign inspiration from real brands.

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Super Bowl 2021 in Numbers

75% of Americans plan to watch the Super Bowl. Among them, 105 Million plan on attending or hosting a house party where they get together with friends around some snacks and lots of beer to enjoy the game and the halftime concert.
In fact, 79% of all planned purchases will be spent on food and beverages.
The rest of the expenses are divided between team gears, new television sets and sound systems, and decoration.

The total planned expenditure will amount to$14.8 Billion, with the average spending per person exceeding $80. Adults between the ages of 35 and 44 will spend the most on the Super Bowl, reaching $123.

(all data was gathered by the NRF)

A look back at 2021 Super Bowl Emails

We kept an eye open for the Super Bowl emails sent this year, and we selected our favorite! We first start with the simple yet effective Super Bowl email competition. This awesome email combines all the elements of a successful campaign:

  1. Interesting email content that triggers the attention of any subscribers- and especially Super Bowl fans. Subscribers have to guess the winner of the Super Bowl for the chance of winning a $250 gift card.
  2. A well-written email copy that ties in perfectly with the product promotions (if you’re looking for a sure pick…)
  3. A simple yet eye-catching email design. A beautiful poping blue complemented by the email visuals and color-coordinated product shots.

🏈 Bucs or Chiefs? Pick to Wi


From the football-shaped background image to the bright red color palette and imposing font, this is the culmination of the Super Bowl in email format. The use of the GIF allows the brand to showcase as many products as possible without email.

Touchdown! Get an extra 10% OFF!

Touchdown! Get an extra 10% OFF!

This email is the perfect representation of how any brand can send an email campaign during the Super Bowl or any other occasion. Gurhan, a jewelry brand, sent out this promotional email for the Super Bowl. At first glance and on a design surface level, the email doesn’t really look like it’s part of a Super Bowl campaign. However, reading the email copy, we can easily detect the wordplay and the SB references, which makes it stand out.

Whether or Not You Are Watching The Game…


We chose to include this beautiful Super Bowl email to showcase how you can stay on-brand, regardless of the event. With the same color palette, brand voice, and funkiness, this company was able to hit the right spots when sending their SB emails.

Super Bowl Sunday FLASH SALE 🏈


SUPER BOWL SPECIAL! 🏈 Your Declining Extra 20% Off Starts NOW!

SUPER BOWL SPECIAL! Your Declining Extra 20% Off Starts NOW!

Free Delivery for Super Bowl LV

Free Delivery for Super Bowl LV

Let the game begin!🏉

Let the game begin

Game Day! Mystery Deal + Last Day Of Warehouse Sale


When to Send Super Bowl Emails?

Before the Big Game

According to the data, sports fans intend to spend over 3 quarters of their budget on food and drinks. This means that they will start planning for the big game before Sunday. That’s why sending a promotional email 2 to 3 days before the Super Bowl is a good idea.
Give your audience time to read your emails and go through with purchases.

During the Halftime

A study conducted back in 2013 shows that 91% of viewers check their phones during the commercials, and 59% used it during the game. Although there isn’t a study today that calculates the exact percentage of super bowl viewers who use their phones during the game, we are willing to bet that those numbers have increased in 2020.

People nowadays are more than ever glued to their mobile devices. Using Social Media to share their opinions and provide a minute-by-minute commentary on every significant (and insignificant) event. So rest assured that your email has the same- if not more chances to be opened and read during halftime.

A Super Bowl email marketing review shared by Litmus found that only one brand sent out their promotional during halftime, accompanied by a hilarious subject line (Turn up [performing artist]! It’s time to shop.). This is an excellent opportunity for brands to grab the attention of their subscribers, despite the crowded inbox.

After the Game

You might think that after the super bowl, people will go on with their day, and if you haven’t sent any marketing emails, then you probably missed your chance and should wait for next year.
But if we know anything about football fans, is that they LOVE talking about football. Even when the game ends, the Super Bowl madness will remain.
For your Super Bowl email marketing campaign, you can plan an email to send after the big game, and let your creativity shine. This is especially interesting for brands operating in the sports industry.

Super Bowl Email Subject Lines

  • Football Sunday! Top 10 Bean Dip Recipes for Game Day
  • Complete your Big Game line up with Pace Salsas and Sauces while earning for your School!
  • Top Gear Pick: The SPOT Satellite Messenger + REI-OUTLET Mega Deals
  • Super Bowl or Super Sale? You Decide
  • Super Bowl Sunday – EXTRA 10% OFF Everything
  • 15% Off Your Entire Order – Super Bowl Weekend‏
  • Super Offer, Super Deals – Limited Time!‏
  • Score! Free shipping on everything‏
  • Prices Slashed Again
  • Look like a champion, with our exclusive offer on [Product]
  • [Name], your party is sure to be an appetizing hit
  • Get great game day recipes and platters
  • Free shipping on Sunday only [coupon: SUPER50]
  • Super deals + FREE SHIPPING. Sunday Only
  • 30% off online + Top 5 faves for Feb
  • It’s Go Time!
  • Superbowl Special: Beer for the BIG Game
  • Turn up Shakira! It’s time to shop.
  • [Winning team name] Reing Again: Join the Celebration with Official Super Bowl Gear
  • Congratulations To Our Hometown [Winning team name]!
  • Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad on [Digital Platform]!
  • Discounted packages on [Product] for a limited time

If you are looking for more resources to learn how to write a catchy and compelling email subject line, check out these blog posts:

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Super Bowl Email Marketing Ideas

In this section, we will share with you some email campaigns sent out by real brands, with a short commentary on why we like each example.

B2B Super Bowl Sales Emails

You might think that the Super Bowl is mainly a B2C event and that only a few businesses can communicate around it and offer some discounts to their customer base. But that is far from the truth. Just like any other occasion, the super bowl can work for any type of business and in any type of industry.

All you need is to think outside the bow. Here are a few ideas to help you create a super bowl themed email:

  • Play on words in the subject line
  • Congratulate the winning team (primarily if they represent your hometown)
  • Start a contest for your target audience: a quiz about football and the winners can get a discount or a free subscription to your product.
  • Find a fun and creative way to link your product to the super bowl. Here is an example of a brand that knocked it out of the park with its creative super bowl email campaign.
    As you can see, they followed the patterns of the football fan of both teams playing in the super bowl during that season and presented their findings in a super bowl themed email.

Email Subject Line: Big Data vs. The Big Game: How do Super Bowl fans drive?


Check out this full guide on SaaS and B2B email marketing campaigns for more inspiration.

Super Bowl Email for Home Furniture and Decoration

Research showed that Americans are planning to spend 17% of their Super Bowl budget on new house furniture and decoration. This is an excellent opportunity for the home goods industry.

Here are a few fun and well-executed emails that you can get inspired by for your next campaign.

Email Inspiration 1.


Email Inspiration 2.


Super Bowl Email for Foods and Beverages

Almost 80% of the super bowl planned budget for adult Americans will be spent on foods and beverages for their home parties. And there is no shortage of ideas on what you can send to your subscribers if you operate in that industry.
Here are a couple of super bowl emails all about food, snacks, and beer!

Email Inspiration 1.


Email Inspiration 2.


Email Inspiration 3.


Super Bowl Email for Sports Gear

It’s not a typical American Super Bowl party if half of the fans are not wearing their beloved team’s apparel. Here are some brands that knew exactly how to win over their subscribers.

Email Inspiration 1.


Email Inspiration 2.



Even if you are not selling football gear, you can still jump on the wagon. Here are a couple of super bowl emails that were smartly executed.

Email Inspiration 1.



Email Inspiration 2.


Random Super Bowl Promotional Emails

Who doesn’t love cuddly pets? It would be a wasted opportunity for pet shop owners not to send a funny super bowl email. Here’s one that we absolutely adore.

Here’s another Super Bowl email campaign from a real estate company. You might be saying: how is the Super Bowl-related to Real Estate?

The answer is: they are not! Unless you are creative enough.

This is proof that anyone can create a super bowl campaign, no matter what your industry or product is.


Wrapping Up

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in the US and a marketing gold mine. Don’t miss this opportunity to delight your customers and subscribers and increase your revenue. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get in touch with your creative side. And remember to just have fun with it.

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