St. Patrick's Day Email Campaigns 2023 with Subject Lines & Free Templates

St Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17. It is a day of good cheer and high spirits, making it the perfect opportunity to launch a St. Patrick’s Day email marketing campaign. Email campaigns on St. Patrick’s Day can go very wrong, however. Some emails might be too cliché and stereotypical, which might offend your audience. In this blog post, we will give you St. Patrick’s Day-themed email examples that you can get inspired by for your own campaign.

Why Run a St Patrick’s Day Email Marketing Campaign?

Making use of special holidays and events can be a powerful way to add some fun elements to your email marketing strategy. People love celebrating holidays, and this is a way to tap into that affection, carrying the positive association over to your brand. St Patrick’s Day is especially interesting for any business related to food and beverages, as this is a key characteristic of the holiday. However, it is also about broader themes such as spending time with your friends and family, which is applicable to most businesses.

Email marketing is a useful tool, particularly for e-commerce and retail businesses. Running a St Patrick’s Day email marketing campaign is a great way to introduce new product lines, highlight discounts, and receive a handy sales boost.

St Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines

St Patrick’s Day provides plenty of opportunities for fun subject lines that can help you get high open rates. St. Patricks Day email subject lines don’t necessarily need to contain the words “St Patrick’s Day”. You can use other words closely associated with the holiday, like St. Paddy s Day for example (and not St. Patty’s day like this hilarious website very eloquently explains).

Find out more about how to write compelling email subject lines, that’ll guarantee higher open rates!

Using fun emojis in your email subject lines is also a great way to get more opens, and St Patrick’s Day offers up a wealth of opportunities here. You could add a shamrock ☘ , a rainbow, or even a beer emoji to capture subscribers’ attention in their busy inbox. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be creative.

Here are some St. Patrick’s Day email subject line examples that you can use for your campaign:

  • Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Extra 15% Off New Arrivals!
  • Your Lucky Day! Get 15% OFF
  • Lucky you! 20% off | Today only
  • ☘️ The Luck of the Irish is With You ☘️
  • Gear Up for St. Patrick’s Day 🍀🍻
  • The Luck Continues… Extended! Hours left to shop St. Patrick’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day Decor & More 🍀
  • Save BIG When You Shop Our Green Collection 🍀
  • Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with us
  • Save some gold with our St. Patrick’s Day deals
  • Your lucky day🍀St. Patrick’s Day sale 💰
  • You have to wear green on St. Pattys Day
  • Send an Authentic Gift with our St. Patrick’s Day Gift Guide
  • 🍀 Get inspired with our St. Patrick’s Day essentials! 🍀
  • Lucky You! Up to 50% off St. Patrickâs Day Supplies & Free Shipping
  • Cheers to St. Patrick🍻
  • Go Green With Our St. Paddy’s Day Collection!
  • Expires Soon! St Patrick’s Day Mystery Coupon
  • 🍀Sale Ends TONIGHT! St. Patrick’s Day Sale – 25% OFF!🍀
  • 18% Off! St. Patrick’s Day Savings
  • $75 Off Any [Product] Luck is still with you!
  • 🍀 🍀 Going, Going, Gone! 🍀 🍀
  • LAST DAY before your luck runs out!

How to Write an Effective St Patricks Day Email

Avoid stereotypes

St Patrick’s Day is marketing gold (pun intended), which means that marketers have been using it for years to promote their products.

This also means that there is a range of over-used phrases and stereotypes that have long lost their impact on consumers. Make your emails effective by avoiding these stereotypes and being more creative with your emails.

Put your own spin on St Patrick’s Day with creative designs that relate to the holiday, but represent your brand values at the same time. This doesn’t mean you need to steer clear of stereotypes altogether.

There’s nothing wrong with using green marketing materials or even green-based products. Here’s an example that played in the green theme, while putting a creative spin on it. cheryl-s-dont-wait-9-99-delivered-ends-tonight

In this example, the brand uses green amazingly to match the holiday’s vibe.


Run a contest

Contests are a great way to engage with your audience, and St Patrick’s Day offers many opportunities for great contests.

As part of your email campaign, you can launch your contest, providing details of how to enter and detailing the rewards. If you can, have prizes that relate to St Patrick’s Day in some way.

For a very simple contest format, simply include a live poll in your email that subscribers can instantly click on to enter. Not only is this a fun way to engage with your subscribers, but it also provides useful data that you can use to refine future email marketing campaigns and other digital marketing strategies.

Give Actionable Ideas & Promote Your Products

A great way to engage with your customers around St Patrick’s Day is to provide them with fun, actionable ideas of ways they can celebrate the holiday. For example, you can include tips in your email on how to throw the perfect Saint Patrick’s Day party, or recipes for St Patrick’s day treats.

This works well because you are giving your audience real, useful information that adds value. This is, of course, best done in a way that also promotes your own products at the same time. If you sell food products, post recipes that include ingredients that you sell, and tell your audience how to buy those products. And that exactly what King Arthur Flour did for their St. Patrick’s Day campaign.


Here are a couple of other cool St. Paddy’s day emails that have succeeded in this strategy. This email example promotes baked-goods that fit perfectly with the St. Patrick’s Day theme. wisconsinmade-com-sweet-wisconsin-luck

This next email example is classy, elegant, and useful. It’s a St. Patrick’s Day gift guide email that helps the target audience shop for a great bottle of Irish whiskey. reservebar-send-an-authentic-gift-with-our-st-patricks-day-gift-guide

Offer a Discount

Statistics show that an estimated 5.9 billion dollars will be spent on St Patricks day celebrations, including food, beverages, and fun decoration and costumes. That’s why you should consider creating a time-bound price reduction.

An email to promote your St. Patrick’s day luck, this brand offered its audience a promotional code and a 15% reduction on all of its items.

Sivana extended it’s purchase for extra hours to there customers and also gave a bigger discount.

This next email campaign is all about beer!brewdemon-com-bogo-sale-ends-tomorrow

Here, we have a St Patrick’s email example was sent by a jewelry shop, and it’s awesome.

moissanite-fact-not-folklore-st-patricks-day-sale-ends-soon And finally, we wanted to feature this next email example because of how simple it is. Sometimes, less is more.

And even though this email doesn’t really portray the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, it still does its job. During a time where your subscribers’ inboxes will be cluttered with over-the-top St Patrick’s day-themed emails, you can take a completely different approach with an email like this one. james-jeans-grand-finale

Use Animated GIFs

GIFs in emails are engaging, interesting, and fun. Making a custom animated image related to the St Patrick’s Day holiday will not only make your subscribers happy and more likely to open your next email, but it is also a great shareable piece of content that they may share with their networks, thus promoting your businesses for you!

Read more about how brands use animated GIFs in their emails.

Here are a few GIFs that were used in St. Patrick’s day emails in 2019. The first GIF example is simple yet effective. st-patricks-day-gif-in-email

This next example plays around with the idea of a mystery promotional code. The GIF is accompanied by a well-thought-out text saying “Test Your Luck”.

And finally, this example of a GIF in a St. Patrick’s day email keeps the subscriber’s eyes focused on the message hidden behind the leaves, and ties together perfectly with the surprise gift theme. Thank-your-four-leaf-clover

Don’t Forget About the Day After St. Patrick’s Day

One of the key aspects of St Patrick’s Day is how you feel the next day after a long night of partying. This is the perfect opportunity to send an email the day after St Patrick’s Day that addresses the particular needs of your customers on that day. You can find creative ways to help your audience with how they’ll be feeling on March 18: whether with tips to beat a hangover, cleansing recipes, or something funny or cheerful to get them through a long day.

Create a Coherent Communication Plan: Email Marketing + Social Media + Landing Pages

As with any kind of email marketing campaign, your St Patrick’s Day emails will be most effective if they are not stand-alone. Support your email campaign with St Patrick’s Day-themed content on your social media channels. As your audience gets exposed to more coherent content on all your digital channels, your messages create more impact and your audience is more likely to respond to CTAs. You can do the same with other digital marketing platforms, particularly your website. This is a great opportunity to add St Patrick’s Day-themed landing pages to your site, and maybe even update graphics, banners, etc. with a St Patrick’s Day theme.