Mother's Day Email Marketing Examples, Subject Lines & Templates

Mother’s day is a holiday where we celebrate and honor hard-working mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds of all shapes. Mothers and mother figures are the silent fighters of our society. They make sacrifices, put everyone else first, and never wait for a thank you. Maybe that’s why in 2019, a total of 84% of adults in the US stated that they planned to celebrate mother’s day. And planned budgets for gift purchases were expected to reach an all-time record of $25 Billion.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive take on your Mother’s Day email campaign. We will start with some helpful information and data about Mother’s Day purchases. We compiled a list of fun and compelling Mother’s Day email subject lines. And we gathered some mother’s day email marketing campaign ideas accompanied by real examples from previous campaigns. And finally, we will provide you with a couple of ready-to-use HTML email templates, designed by our professional email designer. You can use the mother’s day-themed email templates for free.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated around the world?

Mother’s day is celebrated all around the world mostly on the second Sunday in May. However, there are some exceptions. Before planning and sending a Mother’s Day email to your customers and subscribers, you need to make sure that you segment your list right, according to the location.

Make sure that you are sending a mother’s day campaign to customers from countries that actually celebrate Mother’s day during that time.

To help you figure this out, we created a list of Mother’s Day dates by country:

  • Mother’s Day in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Japan: Sunday, May 10
  • Mother’s Day in Hungary: Sunday, May 3
  • Mother’s Day in South Korea: May 8
  • Mother’s Day in Tunisia: Sunday, May 31
  • Mother’s Day in France: Sunday, June 7
  • Mother’s Day in Costa Rica: Saturday, August 15
  • Mother’s Day in Russia: Sunday, November 29
  • Mother’s Day in the UK and Ireland: Sunday, March 22

And the list goes on. If a country you are interested in is not mentioned in this list, we advise you to double-check Mother’s Day date. The easiest and most effective way to find out when they celebrate Mother’s Day is to simply Google it.

Mother’s day gift purchases data

This section will explore in-depth who are the people celebrating mother’s day, and how they do so.

Who is the gift intended for?

According to the NRF, people buy gifts on Mother’s day for a lot of different targets, not only mothers. In fact, mother’s day is a celebration of different types of motherhood bonds and mother figures. Ranging from stepmoms to sisters, friends, and grandmothers.

Some people even buy gifts for their own daughters. It might be daughters who have recently become mothers. Or gifting daughters who have made the buyer the mother they are today.

In all cases, it’s important to keep in mind that Mother’s Day is not reserved for the traditional version of a mother but actually includes a much larger scope.

who is the gift intended for-NRF

What are the planned Mother’s Day gifts?

According to NRF’s annual Mother’s Day survey, American adults spent an average of $196 on gifts for moms.

Clothing & accessories

clothing and accessories - mothers day gift ideas

This email is a perfect example of a clear message and an effective email structure. The email starts by highlighting the 25% sales on all products. And goes on by putting the products on display. The email is accompanied by a funny message that is very relatable to most moms out there.



You can also opt for a simpler design and copy that will stand out. This promotional email begins with a happy mother’s day wishes and leads the readers’ eyes towards the offer. The pair of legs modeling the running shoes add an extra zing to the email and puts the whole thing together.


When scrolling through Mother’s day emails, this particular example caught my attention. The animated GIF is mesmerizing, catchy, and makes anyone look twice before leaving. The way that the face mask samples are displayed on the side and on the illustration, paired with the well-thought-out text adds up to the perfect sales pitch.

Housewares & gardening tools

housewear and gardening tools - mothers day gift ideas

I always thought that gifting housewares to a mother (and women in general) can be perceived as too “traditional”. And then, I got my own apartment, and I discovered how great it feels when someone gifts you a home appliance or a piece of decoration. So now, when I see emails like the one down below, I can’t help but imagine those beautiful rugs on my living room floor. I like this email because of how it places the products in a way that helps the reader visualize it. The email layout is clear: headline – image – text – call to action – image – text – call to action. This structure guides the subscriber through every piece of information that the company wanted them to know and leaves no room for confusion.




Email subject lines for mother’s day

We went through hundreds of Mother’s Day email subject lines and chose only the best. We present to you the best mother’s day email subject lines that you can use for your own campaign:

  1. Mother’s Day gift sets are here!
  2. 💕💐 Pre-order your Mother’s Day flowers & gifts!
  3. Our Mother’s Day musings
  4. 🌟 WIN 🌟 With Love & Sparkles and SweepSouth
  5. know someone who is expecting?
  6. 🌹LAST CALL – 20% OFF Mother’s Day Ends at Midnight 😱
  7. Final Hours: 20% Off Mother’s Day Sale!
  8. Extended! Mother’s Day up to 75% off
  9. We’re extending Mother’s Day for you, Mama! ❤ 🌻
  10. Get what you really wanted for Mother’s Day
  11. Your spa day = 20% off.
  12. This just in: You can STILL surprise Mom (and save 20%).
  13. 💕 Mother’s Day sale extended, Buy one Get one 💕
  14. Mother’s Day Sale [FINAL HOUR] 💃
  15. Happy Mother’s Day – 15% off! Sale extended!!
  16. 🙂 Yes way — you probably want to see this sales event.
  17. Celebrate mom every day, not just on Mother’s Day 💐
  18. ENDS TONIGHT: Mother’s Day Treat
  19. Mother’s Day Sale – Because She Deserves It!
  20. 🏆 Congrats are in order! You’ve really landed this: Mother’s Day Sale EXTENSION!

Create compelling email subject lines that will increase your open rates.

Be sensitive on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a joyous occasion where we honor and praise mothers and mother figures for their sacrifices and selfless efforts. However, for a lot of people, it is a painful reminder of the loss of a loved one or a tense familial relationship. Here are a few tips on how your brand can be more empathetic on Mother’s Day.

Allow your subscribers to opt-out beforehand

Before you launch your email campaign for Mother’s day, send an email informing your customers that you will be sending one or more emails about the occasion. And give them the option to opt out from the list. Collect the emails that chose to opt-out from the Mother’s day mailing list, and create a new email list that doesn’t include them. They can still receive other types of emails, just not emails related to Mother’s Day.

In 2019, a flower delivery company made the news and delighted its customers by sending this type of email to their list. People took to Twitter to express their content, thanking the brand for being so thoughtful.

Mother's Day tweets👉 Read more about this company’s approach here.

Don’t mention Mother’s Day

You can include your mother’s day messages in email campaigns subtlety. Create a standard email promoting products and services like you usually do without using any terms related to the holiday. This approach can still help you reach your objectives while being less straightforward with the Mother’s Day messages.

Make sure to not mention Mother’s day in the email subject line. You are basically promoting your products without mentioning Mother’s day, which can be easier for people affected by this holiday to go through the email, and maybe even enjoy your sales for themselves.

Put a twist on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day can be a day to celebrate everyone, not just mothers. In your brand emails, instead of encouraging your customers to buy gifts for their mothers, encourage them to buy gifts for the person they love. Mother’s day can be a second Valentine’s! Make sure that the messages are easy to understand and light-hearted. Also, make sure to feature products that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, despite their age or gender.

Mothers Day emails in the time of Covid19

In 2020, we are facing a major health issue that is altering our lives more than we could have ever imagined. During these times, it would be foolish not to address the elephant in the room, and at least consider adapting your Mother’s Day messages.

You can’t tell people to come to your stores and benefit from discounts or organize mother’s day events. You should, however, prioritize online shopping and free shipping.

In this section, we will present a few Mother’s Day email examples that were sent by brands in 2020, during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Get inspired by their creativity, and create your own!

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Introducing The Care Package 🎁

This awesome example combines two main messages: celebrating mothers and celebrating the hard-working professionals in the front lines. This company chose to show their appreciation and support to mothers fighting Covid-19 by donating their product: shower caps as a PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

In their Mother’s Day / Labor Day email, the brand was portrayed in a positive light, while making a tangible difference. They call on their customers to help with the donations as well.


We’re Making it Easy! Shop for Mother’s Day 💐

Another creative example focusing on the different ways customers can buy products. As we already know, most stores are shut down, and people can only shop online. Ampersand sent this email with the headline: Easy ways to shop for Mom this Mother’s Day. They continue the email by listing all the different ways the company has set in place for customers to get a hold of the products, from free shipping to curbside pick-up.


A New Way To Keep Mom Close

This lovely email example from Hillberg & Berk is very sentimental. Mother’s Day is usually spent with our Moms, showing them how much we love and appreciate them. But this year, unfortunately, a lot of us won’t be able to do that. This is what H&B focused on. The email content says: “Despite the distance, you’ll remain close to her heart”. A heart-warming message that hits the spot.


The PERFECT Mother’s Day Gift is Here ❤️

This is a simple yet effective email that was adapted to go around the Covid-19 restrictions. A small modification to the text can sometimes be enough.


The Perfect Time to Give Her the Gift of Health

Finding a link between the current context and your products is an excellent way of getting your message across and leaving a mark.


Send a gift and raise a 😊

I LOVE this email. It’s so classy and beautiful, and at the same time, includes a great email copy. The email starts with a big headline, setting the tone for the rest of the content: GIFTS TO THEIR DOOR. With only 4 words, you already understand the new full shopping experience provided by this brand. After displaying a couple of beautiful items, two main sections are added at the bottom:

– Details of the delivery process

– Efforts & Donations to fight Covid-19


Mother’s Day is next week 💐

This is another Mother’s Day email that shows that you can be simple in your communication, but still make an impact. Below the brand’s logo, a sentence reads: “restoring lifestyle balance naturally”. This sentence hits home, especially during these times where we are far from being balanced. It also creates a certain sensation that we are all looking forward to and would like to offer to our loved ones.


Mother’s Day email marketing examples

In this section, we will provide you with some mother’s day email ideas that you can use for your marketing campaign. Every idea is accompanied by an example from a real campaign sent in the previous years, and a heart-warming email message.

Wish your customers a Happy Mother’s Day!

What better way to celebrate mother’s day, than with a Happy Mother’s Day email greeting coming straight from the heart?

Send a Mother’s Day email to employees

Your employees are your biggest strength. Make sure not to forget about sending a thank you note for your working mommas. They are working around the clock, both at your company and at home. And a nice email message coming from management reminding them of their importance can go a long way. Tell your employees that you are grateful for them and that you are always amazed by how they can pull it off.

Or better yet, send them a gift card, or flowers.

Another way to show your gratitude is showcasing to all your customers how proud you are of your mommy team. In this email example, the company organized a brunch for all the mothers on the team, and they invited their little ones. A group photo was taken and featured on the Mother’s Day email campaign, as a sign of gratitude and pride.


Organize a Mother’s Day contest

Increase engagement rates on your emails by organizing a contest for your subscribers. Start by thinking of a contest idea and reward that are interesting enough to catch the attention of your customers, and entice them to take part in the game.

After that, prepare the first email that will let everyone know that you are launching the contest. Explain to your subscribers how they can enter the competition (rules of the contest) and what they can win.


Gather input, choose a winner, and send an announcement email to the lucky winners. Once the contest wraps up, you can collect testimonials from your happy customers and share it in a unique email.

Mother’s Day pre sale

You don’t have to send your Mother’s day promotional email on mother’s day. If anything, you should actually send it before the actual date. People like to be prepared, and that goes for buying gifts as well. Your presale mother’s day email can even serve as a reminder for people who completely forgot about the holiday. If that’s the case, your brand just spared them an embarrassing mishap, and they might thank you for it by taking you up on your offer.


Extend your Mother’s Day sales

After Mother’s day passes, think of extending your sale. This can be aimed towards the people who didn’t open any of your promotional mother’s day emails.


In your post-sale emails, use email copy that speaks directly to your customers and reassure them that they can still make their mother’s day special, despite being late.


Mother’s Day event

Another way to celebrate Mother’s day is by organizing a Mother’s day event. Mothercare thought of this and put together a training event for expecting parents on Mother’s Day. An awesome idea that gets the right audience into their stores and provides them with real value.


Notice how in their email invitation the brand took into consideration people who weren’t part of their target readers. At the end of the email, Mothercare added an email block addressing non-expecting subscribers directly, and inviting them to subscriber their other email blasts.

Create a gift guide using your own products

If you are not having any sales for Mother’s day, but still want to get in on the action, an easy and effective way to do so is to create a gift guide using your best sellers.


Give mothers advice

A different way to honor mothers on their special day is to send them valuable pieces of content that can make their lives easier. This mother’s day email idea works great if your subscribers are the mothers themselves. You could promote to them your products and get them to “spoil themselves” and get the gift “they really wanted”. Or you could simply send them a list of curated pieces of advice gold nuggets that will keep them engaged with your brand.


Celebrate pet mommies

Anyone who owns a dog, a cat, a turtle or any other type of cute pet will unconsciously and automatically refer to themselves as their mom, regardless of their gender. And why shouldn’t they? After all, they feed them, bathe them, play with them, teach them how to properly conduct themselves in different social settings, take them to the doctor when they’re not feeling well, and worry about them when they’re at work (the owner not the pet).

So if you are working in the pet industry, think of sending a Mother’s day email like this one. It’s fun and very useful. You might be surprised how much impact it will have on your customers.


Mother’s Day email templates

Now that you’ve been through this some-what comprehensive take on Mother’s day email marketing, we think you are ready to start planning your own. And to help you out with that, we have created 4 mother’s day email templates that you can use for free.

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