International Women’s Day 2023 Email Marketing Inspiration & Templates

International Women’s Day 2021 will be celebrated on Monday 8 March. This holiday is a global event recognizing women’s political, cultural, social, and economic achievements all over the world. But what is international women’s day, and why should you send an International Women’s Day email?

International Women’s Day 2023 Theme: #EmbraceEquity

We can all truly embrace equity. It’s not just something we say. It’s not just something we write about. It’s something we need to think about, know, value, and embrace. It’s what we believe in, unconditionally. Equity means creating an inclusive world.


International Women’s Day Email Campaigns

International Women’s Day email marketing is more fun than you would think. This global celebration brings people from all over the world to honor and recognize women. And the ways to do that are infinite. Whether you are having a big promotion on the best female products, donating your sales proceeds to a charity, or simply wishing your customers a happy international women’s day, in this post, you will find the International Women’s Day email inspiration you were looking for. All of the emails were sent on International Women’s day in the past 2 years (2019 and 2018), and we will keep updating these examples with 2021 International Women’s Day emails.

Wish Your Customers a Happy International Women’s Day

Here’s a simple yet elegant and effective email for women’s day: a “Happy International Women’s Day” Email from Jarbo. The email starts with a headline wishing subscribers a happy IWD and continues with a heartfelt message going straight to every reader’s heart. You can get inspired by the email copy in this example as a sample email message to celebrate International Women’s Day. jarbocollection-celebrating-you

After you wished Happy Women’s Day you can always lead your customers towards purchasing, if you are selling products related to women’s interests (which could be anything) you can include those items to get your audience’s eyes on them.

Celebrate Strong Women

In this email example, Weighting Comforts chose a very elegant and impactful way to celebrate women’s day by sending their subscribers an extract from a blog post where they honor their female employees. weighting-comforts-international-womens-day They start with solid International Women’s Day email greetings (a.k.a. Happy IWD). Once the subscriber clicks on the “Read More” Call to action, they will be redirected to a landing page with similar designs and images, where they feature remarkable women from their staff.

While we are on the subject of celebrating your own female employees, here is another IWD email example of a brand that knew exactly how to combine celebrating their women-led company and promoting their products.


Celebrate your female employees

Endource chose to share with their audience inspirational resources all about women quoted directly from their female employees.


The email resembles a newsletter structured in 4 main sections:

  • I’m following … an inspirational female artist
  • I’m interested in … events and conferences that empower women
  • I’m reading … a life-changing book about female power
  • I’m wish-listing … a fashion item where the proceeds will be donated to a women’s charity non-profit

These are only a few examples of what you can include in your International Women’s Day email. Another Internation Women’s Day email comes from BB Dakota. In this example, the company asked its employees who their “superwomen” were. And featured their answers in this lovely email template. bb-dakota-who-s-your-super-woman

Here’s another take on introducing your powerful female employees.

There isn’t a shortage of International Women’s Day email examples sent by brands celebrating their female workers and personnel.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Donate to a Women’s Non-Profit

What better way to drive more sales while supporting a good cause to celebrate International Women’s Day? Your customers will take advantage of this opportunity to help you make a positive impact on society while getting to know your brand as a socially responsible corporation.

Ouai sent this campaign on International Women’s day 2021. Their excellent copywriting paired with a sticking image create the perfect combination for a well-balanced email.

Celebrating women today and every day



This next example takes a different approach. The company chose to support one of their vendors who employ women from rural areas in Africa (country not specified) and encourage their customers to buy jewelry made and sold by this brand. By purchasing a piece of jewelry, subscribers would be making a remarkable impact on these women’s lives. This is how they did it. our-green-house-make-an-impact-on-international-womens-day We love this next email example. On International Women’s Day, Dress for Success and Shhhower Cap partnered on a global campaign to empower women and promote their financial independence. And for that amazing cause, Shhhower Cap sent this cool email telling their customers all about the campaign and urging them to purchase shower caps between 2 pm-3 pm: $3 out of every purchase will be donated to the initiative. Here’s how they pulled it off. shhhowercap-20-off-one-hour-only

Promotional Women’s day Emails

You can take advantage of this special day to hold a sale on specific items from your store or provide free shipping. Some of the brands even surprise their costumers with gifts next to there purchases. Here are a few emails to serve you as inspiration.

Tezenis chose to give a gift next to every purchase on this day, to celebrate women.

You can always give Free shipping on special days to surprise your customers, just like in this simple Women’s day email by Calzedonia.

International Women’s Day Email Subject Lines

Here are 32 compelling email subject lines for your IWD campaign:

  • Happy International Women’s Day ♀
  • Happy International Women’s Day- Celebrating strong female
  • Let’s Celebrate Today and every day.
  • Women are special!
  • Treat yourself on IWD!
  • Happy International Women’s Day!
  • 20% Off Workwear | Happy Women’s Day!
  • Times ticking. Help us donate to [Non-Profit Organization]!
  • Who runs the world?
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day in style 👭🏽
  • Happy International Women’s Day 💅
  • Celebrate #EmbraceEquity
  • ENDING NOW: Our International Women’s Day Event
  • 💜 HONORING [Brand] FEMME 💜
  • Be the Strength You Want to See in the World
  • A Day for You, Styles for You
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day With [Influencial Woman Name]
  • Who’s Your Super Woman? 👑
  • Be a Queen Today & Everyday
  • Celebrating YOU.
  • This one goes out to all of you ladies! 💃
  • Meet Our Amazing [Brand]’s Women | 20% off their FAVORITES with code
  • Celebrating Strength and Resilience
  • Join Us in Celebrating International Women’s Day!
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day
  • Inspiration for International Women’s Day
  • Be your own queen!
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day with free shipping 💕
  • 10% Off Women’s [Product] of the Month – Happy Women’s Day!
  • International Women’s Day | $8 for all
  • ♡♀️ International Women’s Day ♀️♡

What Not to Send in Your International Women’s Day Email

In this section, we wanted to show you a few examples of emails sent on IWD that we thought were a bit off.

One Email, Two Messages

I have to admit that I am a bit skeptical about the way this company handled its international women’s day campaign. They started their email perfectly, with an authentic picture from one of their tea fields filled with women workers, and accompanied it with a headline “On International Women’s Day, we honor the women who make our cup of tea possible”. The headline is pure and heartfelt. So far, so good.

tea-company-celebrate-international-womens-day However, this brand goes on to offer a discount code on their teas as a way to show gratitude to their customers. Confused? Yeah, so are we. Clearly, this email is sending 2 different messages at the same time: honoring their female workers and promoting a discount code on their products. We would advise choosing one message for each email. Or at least, mention that the proceeds from the purchases made through this email would go to helping out the women you are honoring. Here’s an example from a brand that knew exactly how to do both. They start off their email by highlighting the extraordinary women who help them make their products and go on to showcase these products and encourage subscribers to purchase. Without sounding too salesy, this brand was able to honor its hard-working employees and make a sale at the same time. happy-international-women-s-day

Bad Email Design

Elegant and beautiful email design is crucial, and not just for International Women’s Day. If you want to create a successful email campaign, you should make sure that your email message is translated into the best email design possible. To attract and maintain the attention of your email list, you need to choose your email color palette perfectly and think of the best email layout and structure that leads your subscribers straight to your CTA. Bad-email-design-example This email is an example of bad email design:

  • Too much text stuffed with little to no room to breath
  • Bright red that distracts the reader (and hurts the eyes)
  • Small CTA button that goes unnoticed

Not to mention that the whole email is an image, but just in case the user has deactivated images in their email client, this brand includes a plain text version of the email underneath the image. Yet, it’s so easy to design HTML emails in a quick way, even if you don’t know how to code emails. Using an email template builder, anyone can create an email template online, design newsletters, and make successful email marketing campaigns.

International Women’s Day Email Campaign Resources

You can find plenty of free resources that will help you design a gorgeous email for IDW. If you are looking for International Women’s Day images, you can check out Unsplash or Pixels which offers hundreds of free stock images and photographs. If you are unsure about what colors to use for your email, you can try out Coolors, a color palette generator that will provide you with color schemes and color combinations that fit well together.

International Women’s Day Quotes

You can use these inspirational quotes and proverbs about women to write a fun and meaningful email copy.

  • “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.” Coco Channel
  • “One is not born a woman. One becomes one.” Simone De Beauvoir
  • “Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are” Ellen Degeneres
  • “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence”. Queen B (Beyoncé)
  • “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish” Michelle Obama
  • “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.”
  • “I am not your little princess.” Daenerys Targaryen

Wrapping Up

Women make up half of our society. Celebrating their achievements means celebrating our society as a whole. A society where women are successful and independent is a prosperous society. Sending an email campaign on Internation women’s day is not only a way to connect with your female customers on a more personal level, but it’s also a way to show that you care about women’s rights and stand up for equality. It only takes a few minutes to create a great email campaign, especially using Chamaileon. Try it out for free, and make your impact today.