Giving Tuesday email campaigns for 2021

Every year, on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, the world, celebrates Giving Tuesday. A global day meant to inspire goodness and generosity in people.

Different types of organizations can celebrate Giving Tuesday in their own way:

  • non-profits can take advantage of the day to increase donations from their supporters
  • for-profit brands can use it to give back to the community

In this blog post, we will share with you Giving Tuesday email campaign examples and advice to help guide you.

Giving Tuesday email for non-profits

Giving Tuesday represents one of the most important fundraising days of the year for non-profit organizations. Here are a few campaign ideas you can send out on Giving Tuesday:

Showcase what you have done during the past year

Charities do a lot for the global community. Year-round, they rely on the generosity of people and their openness to donate in order to reach objectives and make a change.

On Giving Tuesday, many charities and brands reach out to customers trying to convince them to donate. In order to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to show your proven record, increase your credibility and convince people that their donations will actually be put to good use; as were others before them.

This #GivingTuesday, make history with us!


Encourage your subscribers to donate

After sending your first Giving Tuesday email and proving that your charity is doing good work, it’s now time to send out an actionable email and to invite your subscribers to donate.

A simple email template like this one can do the trick.

Today’s the day. Give 100%.



Giving Tuesday email for businesses

Anyone, from small local businesses to multinational brands, can do their part on Giving Tuesday. Here are a few ideas you can replicate.

Launch a donation campaign

Most brands will launch a donation campaign on Giving Tuesday. It’s the classic and most efficient way to celebrate Giving Tuesday.

How we’re giving back this Giving Tuesday ❤️


Give away a percentage of your profit

Giving Tuesday was launched in 2012 as a way to counter the increasing consumerism due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The global day has gained momentum and has become one of the biggest fundraising days for non-profits across the globe. The last thing you want to do on Giving Tuesday is to use the day as a mere promotional opportunity.

Don’t launch a “Giving Tuesday sale” to “Buy one get one free” offer. This will only make your brand look greedy and out of touch.

💖The Giving Tuesday Sale!

giving tuesday email

Instead, you can send a promotional email and emphasize the fact that all (or a percentage) of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Giving Tuesday


Donate your products

Instead of donating profit margins on Giving Tuesday, you can give away products.

💚📚Last chance for 30% off!


Promote nonprofit organizations

Even if you can’t afford to lose margins on donations, you can still give back to the community in another way. Mobilize your most important asset: your customer base. Send a giving Tuesday email where you promote your favorite nonprofit organizations.

Who we’re donating to this year.


Today, there are thousands of nonprofits that are questionable and lack credibility. People who want to donate are confused, overwhelmed, and don’t know who to trust. By promoting certain charities, you give them exposure and increase their credibility. Even if you can’t donate, your customers might and you would have done your part.

Promoting charities can also enhance your branding. By associating your brand with the organizations you promote, you are telling your customers that you share their values.

Just make sure to choose non-controversial charities, with a clean record.

Promote small businesses

Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday are only three days apart. You can create one SBS/Giving Tuesday email campaign where you put forward local small businesses and encourage your customer base to support and buy from them.

During Covid, many small businesses are suffering and struggling to stay afloat. Your shoutout can make a huge difference and that is what Giving Tuesday is all about.

Celebrate Giving Tuesday With Women Who Inspire Us


Showcase your charitable work

Many ethical brands go unseen in today’s busy marketplace. Take advantage of Giving Tuesday to showcase your year-round efforts to make our world a better place.

You’ve helped us give all year! #givingtuesday


Launch a social media contest

Arhaus launched an email campaign last year inviting their subscribers to leave comments on Instagram with the name of their favorite charity. The brand picked one charity to donate to: it’s a fun way to donate to charity while increasing your brand engagement.

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