The best Cinco de Mayo emails in 2021

Cinco de Mayo, literally translated to the fifth of May, is a holiday that has originally started as a celebration of the date the Mexican army won over France during the Franco-Mexican war. But has evolved today to become a day of celebration of the Mexican culture and heritage.

And with every holiday comes a series of email campaigns, promotional codes, and celebration messages.

In this article, we will present a few of the best Cinco de Mayo emails sent out just today!

The colorfully typical Cinco de Mayo emails

Cinco de Mayo is a synonym for fun, colors, breaking free, and enjoying life! Many brands take that concept to the extreme and send out exciting email templates like the example below.

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! + 15% OFF Mexican Coffees


The dazzling colors, the cluttered text, the color-blocked email sections make for an overwhelming email. Yet, it works! In any other context, this email would have been over the top and confusing to the reader.

But in Cinco de Mayo, this email works perfectly well. It portrays that sense of fun and letting go that have become characteristics of the holiday.

Don’t Miss Out On Cinco De Mayo Sale


The Cinco de Mayo email campaign sent by Simply Living follows the same model, with a much more reserved approach. The brand included all the typical elements of Cinco de Mayo: the Sombrero, maracas, cacti, and orange and green color combo. A stereotypical email design- yet it works!

Simple Happy Cinco de Mayo emails

Some brands want to acknowledge the holiday and celebrate with their audience. Yet, they don’t necessarily offer a product that matches well with Cinco de Mayo. So they simply send a happy Cinco de Mayo promotional email. 



The punny emails

Who can resist a good pun? And there is no shortage of great puns for Cinco de Mayo. Case in point: the email header below.

(Notification!) Your Weekly Deal Has Arrived


And for those looking for more inspiration, here are a few of my favorite Cinco de Mayo puns and sayings:

  • Fiesta like there is no manana
  • Let’s taco about
  • Holy guacamole!
  • Have a mexcellent day!
  • Cinco de Mayo is nacho ordinary holiday
  • You had me at tacos.
  • Taco ’bout a party
  • You have guac to be kidding me.
  • Every kiss begins with queso

May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo emails

The fourth of May is also a special day. If you missed why Really Good Emails is here to explain the whole “May the Fourth be with you” trope.

really good emails may the 4'th be with you

👉 You can find the email here.

Some brands decided to combine the 4th and the 5th of May in a wonderfully delightful email.

T-Shirt Tuesday from Cotton Bureau!


And just for extra fun, here’s a great “May the Fourth be with you” GIF sent in email.

may the fourth be with you

Foodies Cinco de Mayo emails

We can’t discuss Cinco de Mayo without a slight mention of Mexican food. Food and beverage companies are having a blast with Cinco de Mayo.

Happy Cinco de Smile-o


Fiesta-ready recipes you can make at home


Wrapping up

We’ve been lacking in occasions to celebrate and be happy after the surreal year we’ve been through. So even if your brand doesn’t necessarily sell products related to Cinco de Mayo, consider sending a happy email to delight your subscribers. Be sure to use proper words and not offend anyone or any culture. But other than that, have fun, let go, and build beautiful templates!