The best Chinese New Year email campaigns sent in 2022

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Many brands are already sending email campaigns in celebration of the new lunar year. And to help you find inspiration, we have put together a design guide for the Chinese new year email campaigns.

What you need to know about the Chinese New Year

Before we dive into the email design world, we wanted to talk a little bit more about the Lunar new year, and answer some questions you might have.

What is the Chinese New Year Zodiac for 2021?

2022 is the year of the Tiger. 

When is the Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year 2022 starts on Tuesday 1 February. The celebrations last until February 11th. Below, you’ll find a detailed calendar with the main dates marking the Chinese New Year:

  • Little year celebrations: from 24th to 31st January, a period to prepare for the new year.
  • Spring Festival: New year from 1st until 11th February.
  • Lantern Festival: preparations for the Lantern Festival held on the 15th of February.

Chinese new year 2022 calendar

👉 Learn more in detail about the Chinese New Year celebration here.

Chinese New Year email subject lines

We have compiled a list of compelling email subject lines for the Lunar new year :

  • The Luxury Lunar New Year Gift Guide 🐂 ✨
  • Wishing You Health, Happiness & Prosperity
  • New special editions to celebrate Lunar New Year
  • Final Hours: The Lunar New Year Bonus
  • Our Lunar New Year gift edit
  • Receive a Lunar New Year gift with any $300 purchase
  • Get your order in before Lunar New Year.
  • Early Bird Lunar New Year [Product]
  • 🧨How to Catch a Dragon for Lunar New Year?🐉 The answer is here…
  • Lunar New Year Bonus + The Secret To A Chap-Free Winter
  • Get lucky with the NEW Lunar New Year: 2021 Edit ✨
  • New: Celebrate the Lunar New Year With Our Limited-Edition Capsule
  • NEW: Lunar New Year Box ✨ Worth over £170
  • Did you see the Lunar New Year Brush?

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Chinese New Year email campaign examples

After browsing through hundreds of Lunar new year email campaigns sent in the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, we were able to divide the different campaigns into 4 categories based on :

  1. The color palette of the email
  2. The design theme around the zodiac sign
  3. The perfectly-timed promotional emails
  4. The new year updates

Red color palette

The color red is a symbol of luck, joy, and happiness. It’s the color of celebration and represents vitality and fertility. Therefore, it’s an obvious choice for Chinese New Year email campaign color palettes.

In the examples below, we see how different brands paired the bright red with muted grays to balance out the palette and create a harmonious design.


Some reminders of the red are showcased in the product images, which ties in the email perfectly.

As shown in Ugg’s email, the product shots are taken on a deep red background.

Happy Lunar New Year


The year of the Ox

2021 is the year of the Ox, and the zodiac has made an appearance in more than one email campaign this year.

Looking For a Sign to Try ANGEL NOVA?

happy lunar new year

In the first email example we showcased, the brand actalluy included a subtle GIF of mesmerising Ox that elevates the emails and adds a fun engaging element.

unar new year GIF

Another amazing GIF sent in a Chinese new year email is the following:


Company Updates

This email sent by BlankLabel is a great example of how a brand can communicate with customers to announce updates and new measures.

Get your order in before Lunar New Year.



Perfectly-timed promotional emails

The Lunar new year is a great opportunity for brands to promote new lines of products and special edition goods. In the email example below, you can see how the company perfectly-timed its promotional campaigns around the children’s book: How to catch a dragon.

The email is also very well designed and on-theme: the red and yellow combination is a symbol of the Chinese culture and the font is perfectly suited to the theme.


Many other brands are sending themed product launch emails to announce limited edition products.

Get lucky with the NEW Lunar New Year: 2021 Edit ✨


Wrapping up

The Lunar new year is an occasion to be with family and welcome the new year with optimism and tradition. For retailers, it’s a chance to continue the new year campaigns and pursue promotions.

If you were inspired by the email examples we listed above, give it a go in our free email template builder.