Beautiful Boxing Day Email Campaign Ideas for 2021

Boxing day is a holiday celebrated on the second day of Christmas, December 26. The holiday originated in the UK but is also celebrated in Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Boxing day is meant to be a day to give back to the less fortunate, but it has acquired a more commercial meaning, with brands taking advantage of the sales hype to expand their promotional campaigns.

Many retailers follow up their Black Friday and Christmas campaigns with a Boxing day clearance sale, and sometimes even a Boxing week sale. In this article, we will take a look at some fun Boxing day email campaigns, and see how brands use email marketing to promote their final big sale of the year.

Keep it simple

Email design shouldn’t be complicated. The most important goal of your emails is to be able to transfer information. If your subscribers find it difficult to understand your email message, then all your efforts have been wasted. In order to always create a clear and comprehensible email campaign, you should keep your email structure simple. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on aesthetics.

A clear email layout is composed of:

Branded email header

In your email header, add your brand’s logo, for easier brand recognition.

Email headline

In the first email block, you can add your main email headline containing the most important piece of information you want to communicate to your audience.

Email body

Following the headline, you can give your subscribers more information and details about your offer by adding a short description.

Call to action

After providing all the necessary information about your sale, it’s time to redirect your audience to your desired landing page. Add a compelling call to action button and make sure to link it correctly. Your CTA should be fully clickable and stand out visually.

Boxing Day Sale

Boxing Day Sale

Promotional email blocks

The first block contains all the information needed to send a complete and efficient Boxing day email campaign. You can, however, add more fun promotional elements to your email. In the email below, the brand chose to complete the email with a short selection of discounted products, in order to intice their customers even more.

A final email block was added to link the Boxing day email campaign with the upcoming New year sales.

4 Days Only! Gloves are off, Punchy Boxing Day Deals

4 Days Only! Gloves are off, Punchy Boxing Day Deals

Email Footer & Social media icons

In your email footer, you can add all the legal information and extra details that your customers might be interested in, like customer support information, shipping details, and most importantly, links to your social media channels.

Add fun Boxing day GIFs

Animated images are always a fun captivating way to grab the attention of email subscribers. For your Boxing Day email campaign, you can get inspired by the GIFs down below.

Another day of Boxing Day Sale won’t hurt!

You need to make sure, however, that your GIF size is under 300KB. GIFs that are larger than 300KB will make your email size bigger, and that can prevent your customers from seeing your email fully if they have slow internet for example (the animated image will take too long to load).

Large email files can also be clipped by Gmail, which completely ruins the email experience.

Up to 50% off sitewide. It’s a Boxing Day miracle.

boxing day GIF 2

In order to make sure that your GIF size stays relatively small, you can add small animated images in your email. This Boxing day email below for example uses the power of GIFs with a light color change on the “80%”, which grabs the attention of the subscriber, and highlights the most important information of the email.

🚨FINAL HOURS🚨 up to 80% off!

boxing day GIF 3

The same goes for this email example.

40% OFF expires soon!

boxing day GIF 4

Create a Christmassy theme

Boxing day is the day right after Christmas, so it makes sense to stay in the Xmas spirit and send a Christmas-themed email template. There are stereotypically recognizable Christmas theme elements that you can include in your email, such as:

  • A starry image background
  • A Christmassy font
  • Using the Christmas color palette: red, white, green
  • Adding Christmas related symbols to your email visuals, like wrapped gifts, snowflakes, Christmas trees, etc.

All these visual elements have been put to good use in this next Boxing day email example.

BOXING Gloves ON! Up To 70% OFF, Don’t Tapout!


In Madame Madeline’s Boxing day email, the brand used its own product, a fake eyelashes box, to create a Christmas tree.

🎁 TREAT YO SELF 🎁 Falsies Lashes First-Ever Holiday Guide

christmas theme boxing day email

New Year design

You can also link your Boxing day email campaign to the upcoming new year celebrations, instead. Here’s a fun example from a campaign sent last year.




Add a countdown timer

Countdown timers in emails have always been a great way to grab the attention of subscribers and mark their memories with the sales end date. It also adds a lot of pressure on the subscribers and encourages them to take advantage of the sales before the clock runs out.

Love This Sale For You: Don’t Miss 20% OFF Sitewide*💥


There are many online tools that you can use to embed a countdown timer in your email campaign. You need to make sure, however, that your email service provider of choice supports countdown timers.

Your last chance to score 20% off* this year ⚡️


You can position your countdown timer in the first block of your email, to increase urgency, or leave it to the final block, to serve as an extra reminder of the sales deadline.

It’s BOXING DAY! 40% off + FREE SHIPPING Only for Today!

It’s BOXING DAY! 40% off + FREE SHIPPING Only for Today!

Keep your email copy on point

Besides email design, the most important element of your email campaign is the copywriting. Keep your email content concise and straight-to-point. Your goal is to use the least amount of words to communicate with your audience and give them key details in only a few sentences.

This is because your customers receive many promotional emails, especially during the last few weeks of the year. They don’t have time to read a lengthy email and decipher complex information.

The email example below is a good example of an on-point email copy.

the perfect outfit😍is on SALE


During the pandemic, people are more and more discouraged to shop in-stores. Make sure your Boxing day offer includes free shipping, and most importantly, make sure to highlight that through your email copy and design -just like the email example below.

It’s still Boxing Day!


Stay on brand

Branding is key. Your customers should be able to recognize your brand from a mile away. Following brand guidelines in email marketing is as important as any other channel, as it creates a consistent, coherent look.

Use your brand colors, fonts, and even voice and tone in your email campaigns.

Boxing Day Sale Ends Tonight | Over 30% Off (Almost) Everything


Sometimes, however, following your brand design guidelines can lead to some rendering issues. Your brand font might not be supported by all email clients, for example. In this case, make sure to define a fallback web safe font, and test your email on your customers’ most used email clients. This will allow you to detect any rendering issues in your email, and hopefully, correct them.

20% OFF Storewide | Boxing Day Continues…

onbrand email boxing day

Wrapping up

Boxing day email campaigns are really just like any other sales campaign. You just need to keep in mind the main email design and copywriting best practices, test your emails, and stay true to your brand. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine. Get inspired by more Boxing day email examples in our dedicated Pinterest board.