How to get your subscribers to help you boost email sign-ups

A common goal of anyone with an email newsletter is to grow the number of their email subscribers. If you’re creating quality newsletters and email promotions that you are proud of, it makes sense to try and reach even more people. There are several methods that work, but one of the most effective (and underrated) ways is to get your current email subscribers to help boost your sign-ups.

Growing your email list doesn’t require a huge budget and with some creativity and ingenuity, you can increase your subscription and engagement rates. Your subscribers are your best recruiters and are the most likely to be in contact with the people who would be interested in what you offer.

This article will give you the know-how you need to take advantage of the free opportunities you may be missing out on that will help you get more readers.

Ask people to forward your emails

Some people may not think to forward that great newsletter you sent. But you’d be surprised how many people respond positively when asked to forward it to someone interested.

It’s easy to ask in every email you send, and it’s easy for the readers to comply. By including a call to action, you may just inspire them to pass it along.


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Include a subscribe link in your email template

While on the topic of getting subscribers to forward your newsletters, just don’t forget to include a link to the sign-up form. It seems like it’s obvious, but so many email marketers make it difficult for someone to sign up.


Embedding a subscribe link in your email template can boost sign-ups anytime your newsletter is forwarded. Plus, it’s not a lot of effort. Once it’s saved, it can collect subscribers on repeat.

Tip. To make sure that those subscribers are real and not bots or fake email addresses, you can use an email validation API. Email validation APIs ensure people use a valid email address and that they don’t accidentally enter a typo. You want to avoid introducing bad data onto your email list.

Gather testimonials from your most engaged subscribers

You can use the enthusiasm of your most devoted subscribers to boost your email sign-ups. Every email service provider (ESP) shows you who your most engaged subscribers are. Some of them may be real fans of yours who really get a lot out of your newsletter.


So, why not reach out with a personal email and ask them if they’d like to send you a few lines about your newsletter? Also, ask for permission to feature them on your website and social media channels. Then, use this content to entice more people to subscribe.

It serves quite a few purposes: it creates a sense of community and adds a human element to your emails. Furthermore, testimonials work. If others identify with the people you feature on the website or on social media, they’re likely to sign up.

Referral and affiliate marketing can boost sign-ups and sales

It’s always good to have allies. But did you know that some of your subscribers will not only help grow your list but can also help you generate revenue? Beyond growing your subscriber list, they could be key to shaping a successful affiliate marketing strategy. You probably trust the opinions and preferences of the people you know more than strangers. So does your audience.

If setting up a referral program sounds intimidating, it needn’t be. It’s actually simpler than you think. Start by making a list of some of your closest business partners and collaborators and reach out to them about maximizing your list of growth opportunities.


For instance, if you just put up a gated e-book to increase your sign-ups, your peers could help you accomplish this. Whether you offer a fee in return or a similar favor, this could be a great way to reach new people.

Think about who your allies are and get the conversation started. It’s also worth thinking about companies in your industry (or related fields) that you have no relationship with. They could be an untapped resource that you can reach out to. Think about what alliance can be made that will be of mutual benefit. There may be a great potential for not only new readers but also sales.

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Create a newsletter that is worth sharing

What prompts you to share an article on social media or forward an email to someone? There has to be a want or need that your content satisfies. A good rule of thumb is to look at your newsletter and ask yourself “would I be excited about this?”.

Can you think of some promotional emails you’ve seen that looked sloppy or thrown together? That doesn’t say good things about your brand and company. Pay attention to your email design and aesthetics. Chamaileon’s email builder helps marketers put together beautiful email designs, without coding.

If the enthusiasm for your newsletter is low, then perhaps you need to focus more on creating a newsletter that people want to read. The higher the value your newsletter brings, the more likely your email subscribers can help you boost your subscription sign-ups and overall engagement.