Best 4th of July Email Templates and Subject lines

It is not surprising that most Americans continue to celebrate Independence Day. Last year this figure reached 84% of consumers, with an average planned spending of $80 on food and beverages per person. A BBQ or a cookout is the most popular way to celebrate but we can expect loads of fireworks as well as parades. Thanks to the long weekend, traveling is also a preferred activity.

In this week’s blog post, we will go through a few examples of 4th of July email marketing campaigns. We will extract the main learnings from these campaigns and understand how companies adapted their communication to fit the particular context.

Best subject lines for 4th of July email campaigns

  1. Extra 20% OFF ENDS TONIGHT! Happy 4th of July! ❤️🤍💙
  2. Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸
  3. This is better than fireworks!
  4. FINAL HOURS: Get up to 70% off all plans for our Independence Day Sale!
  5. Celebrate with us!
  6. Last Chance To Stock Up During Our 4th Of July Sale!
  7. 4th of July-inspired outfits!
  8. Don’t miss out on our special 4th of July savings
  9. 30% Off Ends Tomorrow!❤️🤍💙
  10. Celebrate Independence Day with Free Shipping on All Orders!
  11. FREE SHIPPING only on Independence Day
  12. Get ready with us for the 4th of July
  13. Don’t miss out on our 4th of July SALE
  14. 40% off from everything – ONLY TODAY
  15. Happy 4th of July to all of our customers!
  16. ✨ Don’t Miss Out On Amazing July 4th Savings ✨
  17. Your 4th of July bonus gift is waiting…💙
  18. This just in! FREE SHIPPING on all orders for the rest of the day!

Best 4th of July email campaign examples

We went through plenty of 4th of July email campaigns to provide you with fresh email templates from 2021-2022,  we hope these examples will inspire your campaign.

Colorful email palettes

Red, white, and blue represent the colors of the 4th of July. Many companies use these colors for their email campaigns. However, there are no strict rules regarding the color scheme you should use for your email. You can effectively engage your subscribers with natural colors and a simple design, without necessarily relying on patriotic colors.

Purity petibles has an adorable Happy 4th of July email design with an illustration that represents their business.

SOLTECH solutions went with a really cool design, using natural colors, but also added a flag-inspired rainbow that stands out from the nude background.

happy planner used a blank white background and funky stickers to make its campaign unique from others.

drybar decided to use light pastel colors for its email campaign but at the same time, they did not want to go too far from the red, white, and blue palette.

Spinnaker chose the red color for domination but also chose to use white and blue as well.

This Independence Day email template starts with a Happy 4th of July picture and continues with a pop of color backgrounds highlighting different products.


Here’s a classic approach combining a classy font won a deep blue background, paired with a typical style red ribbon.

Smooth, firm and shine.

And who doesn’t love a fun GIF? Despite not following the typical 4th of July color code, this email still looks festive and in theme, main thanks to the combination of email copy with the fireworks icons.

✨ Don’t Miss Out On Amazing July 4th Savings ✨

Countdown emails

Adding a countdown timer in promotional emails is always a good idea: it catches attention and creates urgency. Follow our detailed guide to learn how to embed countdown timers in emails.

Mystery win emails

This next 4th of July email example is fun and captivating. A  sticker of an animated patriotic unicorn is not usually what you think during the 4th of July, but if it’s on brand- why not? Fragrant Jewels sent customers this unique mystery email. It stands out of the crowd and gets the job done: high click rate.

Your 4th of July bonus gift is waiting..

Stores closed on the 4th of July

Now that stores are open, brands have to go back to sending store update emails. Your “stores will be closing” emails can still look nice and festive, just like the email example below.


Post 4th of July email campaigns

Many brands don’t stop at the 4th. Keep sending campaigns to your customers even after the festivities. But make sure they contain relevant and helpful content. In this post-independence day email below, CBDFX started their copy with “Feeling like you maybe overindulged a bit too much over the weekend?” which will speak to many customers and get them interested in the email.


Another post-4th email comes from Tomahawk, who predicted that most customers would lose or misplace their sunglasses over the weekend. And will probably need a replacement. This email shows a deep understanding of customer behavior and an empathetic approach from a brand that seems to know its customer base.


Wrapping up

Independence Day is a great opportunity for engagement with your audience. A patriotic tone in combination with the proper email campaign strategies makes the 4th of July email campaigns fun, festive, and the most expected summer emails. Meaning your American customers are not only expecting your Independence Day emails but are waiting for them. 

So be sure to send them relevant promotional emails.